The Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite has released and is the only portable version of the popular Nintendo Switch for a little bit less cash. As with any other mobile console/tablet/device, you are going to want some accessories to ensure your new console is protected and you are getting the most out of it. Here are the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories you can find.

The Best Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

Hori Hybrid System Armor

Hori has been a trusted third party accessory provider for Nintendo for a while now, releasing plenty of items for the original Nintendo Switch. The Hybrid System Armor folds around your console to give it shock protection in case you drop it. The texture is also supposed to help you keep a better grip on your console.

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Hori Dual USB Playstand

One of the most significant changes with the Switch Lite is that it does not have removable joy cons. However, the Switch Lite still supports tabletop mode, and other joy-cons/controllers can be connected to it. Without having a built-in kickstand though, your Switch Lite is going to need the Dual USB Playstand to both hold it up and allow you to connect two corded controllers if you feel like doing so.

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Hori Switch Lite Screen Protector

Is it even legal for someone to own a portable device without a screen protector? You can grab this Hori Switch Lite Screen Protector (as well as others online and in retail stores) for a little over ten bucks.

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The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening Slim Case

zelda case

The Switch Lite releases the same day as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, so to celebrate, Nintendo made a Zelda Link’s Awakening slim carrying case with the new designs on the front.

Stealth Case Kit Black

stealth case

Are you not feeling the colorfulness of the previous case? Grab this Stealth Case Kit For Nintendo Switch Lite, a thicker black protecting case for a great price.

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Anker PowerCore 20100

With the Switch Lite being only portable, odds are you are going to take it out with you while traveling. Whether that be on a plane, car, or boat, you can charge it up with Anker PowerCore portable charger. It could charge the original Switch two and a half times before needing to be plugged in itself, so with a smaller console, you would figure you might get even a little more out of it.

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Heatfun Yellow Silicone Case With Tempered Glass Screen Protector

yellow case

Another case that fits around your Switch Lite. Heatfun Yellow Silicone Case is made with non-slick silicone and should absorb the shock of most drops, and also comes with its screen protector.

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@Play Switch Lite Go Case

go case

Play Switch Lite Go Case is small and compact with a sleeve to hold eight games and a pocket for other accessories. It can also be used as a kickstand for tabletop mode.

@Play Ultimate Protection Pack – $29.99

ultimate protection

When they call it the Ultimate Protection Pack, they mean it. This comes with a similar, but thicker case than the one that comes in the Go Case, a screen protector, and silicone skin. All in one big bundle.

128 GB Micro SD Card

sd card

The Switch Lite, like the original Nintendo Switch, only comes with 32 GB of storage. There are varying storage sizes in micro SD cards out there, so choose how big you want. If you plan on downloading games, you definitely will want more – 128 GB Micro SD Card.

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