Blood and Truth turns you into the action hero you have always wanted to be


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Walking out of the cinema after watching a big action feature film, the thought always crosses your mind… What if? What if I was on the big screen? Could I handle the big moments and save the day when my team needed me the most? What would it take to battle through explosive action scenes and, navigate your way through encapsulating narrative? Blood and Truth can answer that question for you and London Studios will put you front and center of the action and keep you on your toes at every turn.

If you have played The London Heist from PlayStation VR Worlds, you have had a tiny taste of the Blood and Truth experience. Blood and Truth transforms The London Heist and turns it into a full-blown Action Hero feature film where you will need to monitor your enemy with security technology, go on high speed chases through modern-day London and, when required, call in the armed forces to push your advance for you. London Studios has taken explosive action, world-class storytelling, and mixed it with modern-day London to create one of the most immersive VR experiences to date.

You will play as Special Forces Soldier Ryan Marks whom London Studios describes as the perfect mix of “James Bond, John Wick, and John McClane.” Essentially, Marks is a fully fledged action hero, and it is every bit as exciting as you thought it would be. You start the game out by getting a small insight into the history of Ryan Marks and the “multiple life sentences” he is facing. This set’s the tone for the kind of experiences you are about to go through, so get ready to hurl yourself out of windows and reload your gun mid-air. Nothing can stop you now.

It isn’t all explosive helicopter chasing however; Blood and Truth provides plenty of entertainment through the writing and storytelling alone. You are in modern-day London after all so what would the experience be if not for a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor? Equipped with some incredible theme music, you also have the gift of choice, which is perhaps one of the most astonishing design elements of this game. Most developers will play it safe with a straight path to direct you, the hero, down. That is not the case in Blood and Truth, catch up to one of the criminals you are chasing, and you will find out. Your negotiation tactics and story choices will help shape you into the action star you were born to play, and you don’t even have to leave your house. Blood and Truth is Out Now on PlayStation Store.