E3 2019: 10 Galar form Pokémon we would want to see in Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Regional Variants for Pokémon is probably the smartest thing that the Pokémon Company has ever done in a long time. The idea of regional variants is based on Darwin’s early theories of animal evolution. Darwin took notice that the same species of birds looked different on separate islands. Depending on the island, the shape of the bird’s beak will help it adapt to its environment.

Pokémon took the idea to come up with regional variants. Pokémon that have previously appeared in past games can now look different in a newer game because different region forced it to adapt and change. For example, a Vulpix is red and a fire-type in the Kanto Region. However, in Alola, Vulpix is white and an ice-type.

10 Galar form Pokémon we would want to see in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Regional Variants were warmly received by fans, with many hoping that the feature will return for the eighth generation of Pokémon games. With Pokémon Sword and Shield announced, and the introduction of Galar, fans all over are hoping there will be Galar forms. In preparation of tomorrows direct, we have ten Pokémon that we think should get Galar forms. Since Alola focused so heavily on generation one Pokémon, our list we primarily center on generation two Pokémon.

Hoothoot and Noctowl

Remember Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, and how majestic he looked in the film? Snowy Owls are such striking-looking birds that we are shocked that Pokémon has yet to have an ice/flying-type Snowy Owl Pokémon. With regional variants now a thing, they could simply make Hoothoot and Noctowl white, and turn them into ice/flying. Snowy Owls are more prominent in more artic regions, though they are occasionally spotted in Great Britain. Galar is based on Great Britain so that it would be a good fit. Not only that, a white Hoothoot and Noctowl would be a cool reference to the before mention Hedwig from Harry Potter, a franchise that originated from Great Britain.

Houndour and Houndoom

Houndour and Houndoom are fire/dark-type dog Pokémon. They have what appears to be bone sticking out of their body. Bones is usually a motif of Cubone and Marowak, who are both normally ground-type. What-if Houndour’s and Houndoom’s Galar forms have them gaining bone-like armor, turning them into fire/ground-type Pokémon? Imagine how badass that would look like; a Houndoom with bone armor! They would be slower than their default counterparts, but they will have more defense. Britain is also known for its dog breeding; meaning a ground-type Houndour and Houndoom could be caused by breeding in Galar.

Phanpy and Donphan

I’ve always found it weird there hasn’t been a water-type elephant Pokémon, given that elephants blowing the water out of their trunks is one of the most popular tricks that elephants do. Phanpy already looks like a water-type Pokémon. Why not just make Phanpy even bluer, ditch the tire armor from Donphan, and make them water-types rather than ground-types? Elephants are not native in Britain, though circuses are one of the cornerstones in Europe. And do you know what circuses tend to have? Circus elephants, who do tricks, like blowing water. Their shinning forms could be pink as a reference to Dumbo’s pink elephants.

Spinarak and Ariados

Spinarak and Ariados are spider Pokémon, and despite what many people think, SPIDERS ARE NOT INSECTS. They are arachnids, though to be fair the major thing that differentiates arachnids and insects are the amounts of legs. However, the point still stands, spiders are not insects, meaning they shouldn’t be bugs. While Spinarak and Ariados do have less than eight legs, they are still based on spiders. In Galar, they should have eight legs and become poison/dark, rather than bug/poison. They should be black rather than green and red respectively. Being black will make them look more like Black Widows, which are admittedly mostly only found in the Americas. But, whatever, it’s Pokémon; Raichu could somehow ride on its tail in Alola because it ate pancakes.


Great Britain doesn’t have a lot of unique animals that are native in the region. With that said, they do have the red squirrel, which is exactly what it reads. Red squirrels are very common in Europe, and Pokémon, fortunately, has a squirrel Pokémon that is basically begging to be the red squirrel Pokémon in the Britain inspired region. Pachirisu is an Electric-type Pokémon who is clearly inspired by Pikachu. Rather than turning Pachirisu into a pure fire-type, we want Pachirisu to become a dual fire and Electric-type Pokémon. We think that would be pretty awesome.


Bidoof should be a super-buff man-beaver who uses giant tree-trunks as weapons in Galar. He would be a fighting type, and a special new type introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield; it will be called the Bidoof type, and it is immune to the dragon, fairy, dark, steel, fighting, ghost, psychic, and normal attacks. Bidoof’s EV stats will be 600, and he will be perfectly balanced. The only downside is that Bidoof will still evolve into a normal Bibarel at level 15. Bibarel is the more overweight version of normal Bidoof, and Bibarel’s EV stats will be even worse in Galar. Unlike most other Pokémon, you can’t prevent Galar Bidoof from evolving into Bibarel. Holding B doesn’t stop it, nor does holding an Everstone. Your perfectly balanced, mega Galar Bidoof will always become a useless Bibarel.