E3 2019: What Should We Expect To See Nintendo Reveal At E3?

 E3 2019: What Should We Expect To See Nintendo Reveal At E3?

Nintendo will have a presence in this year’s E3, and they probably will announce a plethora of new information and footage.

After years of struggling with the Wii U, Nintendo has been able to bounce back stronger than ever. The Nintendo Switch has proven to be one of the more successful consoles in the company’s history. The Switch is only two years old, yet the console has already sold over 34 million units. The console is also home to some of the current generations most acclaim games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have proven to some of the most popular titles in the company’s history.

Though Nintendo usual make big announcements with their trademark Directs, they usually do have some new things to reveal at E3. Generally, they focus most of their time on one game specific. Previous Nintendo E3s primarily centered around Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We still think that the Big N has plenty to show off at this year’s E3, especially since there are already dozens of games they have already announced that have yet to be released. We break down what we expect to see at this year’s E3 for Nintendo.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield

Forge a Path to Greatness in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔ 🛡

Unsheathe your sword and take up your shield! The world of Pokémon expands to include the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, coming in late 2019! Leave a comment below to let us know which Pokémon you’re excited to begin your newest adventure with!

Even though Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were good games in the Pokémon franchise, fans still clamored for a proper home console Pokémon game. The Pokémon Company responded to fans by unveiling Pokémon Sword and Shield in a Nintendo Direct back in February. The Sword and Shield reveal trailer showed off the new region, Galar, as well as the three starters Pokémon that players can pick. We expect Nintendo will reveal more in the coming months. We predict that there will be a Direct before E3 that will focus primarily on Pokémon news. Check out the five best fan theories for Sword and Shield.

Animal Crossing

It’s been a while since a new Animal Crossing has been released. Animal Crossing: New Leaf was released in the West way back in 2013. A new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch was announced way back in a Direct last September. We haven’t seen or heard of anything since, so we expect this year’s E3 will be the big unveiling of Animal Crossing on the Switch. We hope this Animal Crossing game brings more what made New Leaf such a revelation on the 3DS.

Mario Maker 2

Mario Maker 2 is certainly a big title for Nintendo, and while we do expect it to have some presence in this year’s E3, we don’t see it being a major talking point for Nintendo. The reason because of the recent Nintendo Direct that already detailed Mario Maker 2. We wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a playable build for the game to play on the show floor, though other than that we can’t imagine much for Mario Maker 2 in E3.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 – Nintendo Switch

The Black Eagles. The Blue Lions. The Golden Deer. Three noble houses that are part of the Officer’s Academy, an elite facility that trains students in the ways of weapons, magic and special skills. As a professor, the player must choose one of these houses to lead its students in grid-based battles with life-or-death stakes.

Announced in last year’s E3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of Nintendo’s biggest titles releasing this year. The game is expected to have the worldwide release of July 26, which is just after this year’s E3. We expect a lot more information for Three Houses will be unveiled as the game gets closer to release date, and we predict a lot of these announcements for the game will happen around E3. However since E3 is so close to the game’s release, we also predict that Nintendo will make other announcements for the game before and after E3. They have already revealed some character profiles for the game on their social media accounts. They will presumably keep up the pace of these kinds of announcements until E3.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake

A remake for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch was a pleasant surprise when Nintendo first announced it back in February. Since the game is expected to release this year, we can only guess that Nintendo will reveal more about the game at this upcoming E3. We hope to see more of Koholint Island, and updated character models. The new aesthetics for the game has created a lot of discussions with fans, and we hope to see more of it in Nintendo’s conference.

Luigi Mansion 3

The Mario games headlined by Luigi, we expect to see more of the upcoming title in the Luigi Mansion series. The first game was a GameCube launch title and has proven to have a dedicated fan base. The sequel, Dark Moon on the 3DS, was a good game. But now fans want a new title in the series on a home a console. We believe Nintendo will show off more of Luigi Mansion 3 at this year’s E3, maybe even revealing a release date for the game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most popular titles in the Switch’s catalogue, and with four more DLC characters lined up to be released, we wouldn’t put pass the Big N to reveal the next DLC character at this year’s E3. We are going to guess it will be a Dragon Quest character.

Other Possibilities

Development Update on Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch

Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer, has a development update on Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch. Please take a look. #Metroid #NintendoSwitch Official Website: http://www.nintendo.com/ Facebook Nintendo Switch: http://www.facebook.com/NintendoSwitch Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo

We haven’t heard much about Bayonetta 3 since it was first revealed back in December 2017. It is very much possible that we may finally get our first real look at it in this year’s E3. Metroid Prime 4 is another possibility of showing up at this year’s E3. However, we aren’t holding our breaths on that. Metroid Prime 4 has restarted production from scratch, with Retro Studios coming back on board. We do not expect there will be viable enough for footage to use in time for E3 properly. Maybe another teaser? There may also be another showcase for Indies and lesser-known third-party games for Nintendo.