Every Pokémon In The Detective Pikachu Movie: Complete List


Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is coming to theaters on May 10. Which Pokémon are going to make their live-action debut? Read on to find out.

The first official trailer for Detective Pikachu begins with our lead character Tim walking into the streets of Ryme City. On the ground floor of Ryme City, you see a Charmander, a Dodrio, and a Bouffalant walking within the crowd. There’s also see a Braviary perched on a ledge of some short in the crowd.

In the skies of Ryme City, you can see Flabébé and Comfey. There is also some bird Pokémon in the sky, though it is hard to tell which bird Pokémon they are. To me, they look like Fearows.

On the buildings on the right, you see signs with different Pokémon on them. Victini, Wooper, Wynaut, Petilil, Swirlix, and Goomy are all signs.

In the next scene of the trailer, we see the human character Lucy with her Psyduck. On the dashboard of her car, you can see a toy Spoink. Next to Lucy are deflated balloons of Jigglypuff and Gengar, two Pokémon we’ll see more clearly later.

The next time we see Pokémon is the scene where Tim is visiting his childhood home. On the walls of his room, there are many Pokémon posters; one of these posters features Legendary Pokémon Zekrom and Reshiram. There is also a poster with a Charizard on his walls. Also on the posters are names of different Pokémon: Dragonite’s, Hypno’s, Steelix’s, and Articuno’s names can be read on several posters.

After that scene, we see Detective Pikachu, who is obviously a Pikachu.

The next scene has Tim and Pikachu walk into a street market. You can spot some Emolga’s sitting on top one of the stalls. You can also see an Audino within the crowd, and later you’ll be able to spot a Venusaur nearby the Audino as well. There are also signs with Unknown on them.

There’s also another Dodrio in the market, but for future reference, I will not mention again Pokémon that already appeared in any previous footage.

The next Pokémon we see are a Squirtle and Pancham, who both appear as wanted posters. You’ll later see them for real in the underground arena scenes.

After that, the next Pokémon we witness are a herd of Bulbasaurs walking together. Tim is carrying Pikachu and following the herd. There also several Morelull floating above the Bulbasaurs.

Next scene is with Jigglypuff, who’s with a sleeping costumer in a café. Next to Jigglypuff is a poster promoting a fight with Machamp and Primeape.

After that scene, we get footage of a Charizard breathing fire in a mysterious underground arena.

The trailer then switches to a scene where several Greninja are attacking in a forest.

The scene after that is the one with Tim and Pikachu in the underground arena where Charizard was. They are behind a gate. With them, you can spot a Rufflet, Pancham, and Squirtle.

Finally, the last new Pokémon shown in the first trailer is Mr. Mime. Pikachu and Tim are trying to negotiate with the mime Pokémon, before Pikachu hits an invisible wall.

The only new Pokémon introduced in the short “No Clue” trailer are Electabuzz, Kingler, and Mew. Silhouettes of their bodies can be seen on the screen behind Lucy in the very beginning of the trailer. We’ll see Kingler for real in a later trailer.

In the second official trailer for Detective Pikachu, the first new Pokémon we see are some Joltik crawling on some electrical wires.

Later in the trailer, during the scene where Pikachu is ordering coffee in a café, there’s a Ludicolo behind the counter. He’s the one with the green sombrero.

A few scenes afterward, Tim is walking into a police station. Outside the police station are Growlithe, their evolve forms Arcanine and Golurk. On the top right-side corner of the screen, you can make out a Slaking and Kingler’s claws.

The very next scene shows Machamp directing traffic, with a Snorlax sleeping in the middle of the road. In the background, you can see a tall Pokémon with black fur walking. I believe this Pokémon is a Pangoro; the evolved form of Pancham.

In the background, there are signs with more Pokémon on them. There are signs of Scraggy, Jolteon, and Lunatone.

There’s shot of Snubbull, the pink bulldog looking Pokémon, which comes up soon afterward.

Later, there’s a scene with Lickitung showing its tongue to Tim in what appears to be a bus (or maybe airplane?).

There’s a scene afterward that has a neon sign of a Noctowl.

In the scene, before you see a DJ performing, you can spot a Pidgeot walking outside on the bottom middle of the screen. This one is hard to make out, but you can see there is a bird Pokémon walking outside.

There’s a part of the trailer that takes part in a Pokémon fighting stadium. In the stadium, a DJ is giving a live performance. Next to the DJ are Loudred, Pokémon with speakers as ears and can create loud noises.

Blastoise and Gengar are shown fighting in the Pokémon stadium, with Blastoise using shellshock and Gengar using double team.

Right next to Blastoise and Gengar is a stage filled with Loudred. In the middle of the Loudred is a fish tank; in that fish tank is a Magikarp.

The very next scene is Cubone popping out of a Poke Ball.

Further along in the trailer, there’s a scene where a newly evolved Flareon appears on a desk in a mysterious office. Behind Flareon are statues of Dialga, Arceus, and Palkia, the legendary creators of the Pokémon universe.

We later see a purple monkey screech at something off screen (the trailer makes it seem as if it is reacting to Pikachu). This purple monkey with creepy teeth is Aipom.

When Detective Pikachu enters the same stadium that Blastoise and Gengar fought, you can witness several more Pokémon behind the gates. Never before seen Pokémon on the other side of the fence are Treecko and Rattata. Later in the same scene, you can barely make out a red octopus within the gates. That red octopus should be an Octillery.

The second trailer ends with the money shot of Mewtwo punching his way through a Pikachu float balloon. In case you don’t know, Mewtwo was one of the original Legendary Pokémon from the first Pokémon games. A manmade clone of Mew, Mewtwo is considered to be one of the most powerful Pokémon ever.

The 30 seconds “Big” trailer for Detective Pikachu didn’t introduce any Pokémon we haven’t seen before, at least none I can personally spot so that we can skip it.

The “Casting Call” trailer shows the many different Pokémon auditioning for the movie. In this trailer, we get a better view of Pokémon like Squirtle, Dodrio, Venusaur, Kingler, and Treecko, who were previously shown briefly in other trailers.

In the “Casting Call” trailer we finally get to see Eevee in all of its live action-y goodness. We even see an extended scene of Eevee evolving into Flareon in the mysterious room with statues of Arceus and the other deity Pokémon.

Purrloin, Sneasel, and Torterra can be spotted in the audition room.

If you want more information on the Pokémon that appear in the “Casting Call” trailer, read this piece I did on the trailer. I go over more details of the Pokémon’s origins.

There is footage of Gyarados in the movie as well. The Magikarp that appears several times throughout the trailers probably evolves into it.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu will release in American theaters on May 10.