Faith Lane, Freelance Contributor of Gampur | Extended Author Bio

Hi, I’m Faith Lane, I’m looking to inspire others through my writing and share my passions of the things I’m obsessed with.

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Hello, I am Faith Lane, and you found one of my little spaces on the Internet where I express my love for all my passions. I honestly didn’t plan to become a journalist, back when I was about to graduate from high school, I planned to participate in some before-college courses to get ahead. Upon thinking about what I would go to college for, I always knew I wanted to do something with writing – it had been my true passion and talent since I was a child, and it hasn’t changed. I decided journalism would be a good place for me to start, but my college, unfortunately, offered hardly any classes that would be relevant to me, which I still find odd.

After finding out that news, I immediately knew I wouldn’t be attending college, and I moved on to writing my first book. My Christianity is a huge part of my personality and everyday life, so it is a huge part of why I wrote my book, – I wanted to inspire others by writing the books I wished I had growing up. I have an active imagination, and I knew right away I wanted to tell the world the stories that were trapped in my head.

How I Got Here

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At the early age of 17, I followed my almost lifelong dream of becoming an author. Not only did I self-publish my first novelette, A Christmas Extravaganza, but I quickly followed it up with A Christmas Present and A Christmas Angel, to now having published many more books like Blurred Lines and many more to be underway. After publishing the first book, I knew I was addicted to this, and I wouldn’t stop and never plan to. Writing is my passion in all different forms of it.

Soon after publishing my first book, I started my own business offering freelance services to publishing companies and other self-publishing authors, both established and aspiring. This is a business I plan to keep up and running so that I can continue helping those just like me.

Back in January 2022, I was looking for more ways to express myself and spread my love for writing around on the internet, and that is when I discovered Entertainment Journalism. At this point in my life, I was heavily obsessed with Marvel and knew I had to apply for this job. I got my first job in journalism at The Nerd Stash, where I started as an Entertainment journalist and soon-to-be gaming news and guides writer. Soon after, I was approached by Gameranx for a journalist writing position. After working at these two sites consistently for over a year, I knew I had found my new love. I can now proudly say I have worked for an assortment of sites like GameRant, The Outer Haven, WePC, and others.

Not only did I find my voice in writing further, but I found my confidence being surrounded daily by people who shared my deep passions. I can most certainly say aside from God’s plan, I don’t think I would be here without discovering my love for reading over a Nancy Drew novel at a young age, then my obsession with the Supernatural in my teens, and then falling head over heels for Iron Man in my twenties – which led to me just wanting to scream out loud about all the fandoms I love and hold dear to my heart. Coming to join the amazing team here at Gamepur was one of the best decisions I made in my career, as not only did I join a talented company, but it feels like I joined a little family full of fellow journalists who care for one another.

How The Love Of Video Games and Fandoms Came To Be

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Gaming has always been something that was involved in my everyday life, the only thing that changed was how I played my games. When I was young, I had both a Nintendo DS and a DSi, where I started my love for gaming playing things like Mario, Nintendogs, and all the other games a little girl would play on her DS. By the time the 3DS, we could say I “moved on” for a short period as I started enjoying various iPad games such as Club Penguin and Disney Infinity 1, 2, and 3. I didn’t pick up another console until 2020 when everyone was rushing to the store to purchase a Nintendo Switch alongside a copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

After snagging my first Nintendo Switch, I fell back in love. While I then started journalism in 2022, I wasn’t necessarily deep in the gaming world at that point but more so just playing Animal Crossing or Minecraft every so often for personal pleasure. However, during mid-2022, my love for gaming took root again, and it is going strong as can be. I don’t only play Nintendo games, but very deeply enjoy things like GTA Online, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Pokemon, and many more popular and not-so-popular games. VR has also quickly become an obsession for me.

However, I do not believe I would be here today if I hadn’t fallen in love with pop culture and things like Marvel and Supernatural, as those were the things I just craved to talk about more. I still crave talking about those topics now, but it has extended as I keep allowing myself to go deeper and deeper into fandoms and everything nerdy and fully embracing that these are are not something people should leave behind just because of their age. Life is too short for that. It is time for us to all embrace the things we love and share them with the world – and that is my goal. I am here to inspire people and help them through the things we love most and that make us happy.