Best Hero Relics in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Ranked


Fire Emblem is no stranger to having unique weapons for each game. Marth, Alm, Chrom, and Lucina have their Falchions, Roy has the Binding Blade, Ike has the Ragnell, and so on. Fire Emblem: Three Houses features Hero Relics that specific characters can wield if they bear a crest. Taking inspiration from Genealogy of the Holy War, Three Houses has a variety of weapons that certain characters can use. Not only does it give them an advantage in combat, but also helps them deal more damage to tougher enemies that needed to be taken out more than once. These include beasts and even the final boss in each route.

This list will not cover sacred weapons as they can be in anyone’s possession, though extra abilities can go to those with the associated specific crest. Some relics might not be as useful, but they can be beneficial in a needed situation. We will rank all available hero relics based on their effectiveness in battle and their relevance overall. While some relics might rank low, that does not mean they are entirely useless. Let’s take a look and see how they fare on this list.

The Best Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hero Relics Ranked


Poor Ingrid got what is arguably the worst hero relic, and it is a weapon! While it does have its use to increase might when activating a combat art. At the very least, Ingrid can make use of it with her amazing speed growth to double opponents. Lúin gets outclassed by Gradivus, a similar lance weapon that weighs less but has the same might and more uses.


The Crusher is for those with the crest of Dominic like Annette. At first glance, it seems bizarre for her to wield a massive ax, but Crusher uses magic power. It might be a nice weapon for Annette to use. She is much better at using reason or faith magic and will benefit more than risking physical damage from enemies in her range. It does have effectiveness against dragons when using the combat art Dust, so it does its other uses.


Like Crusher, Blutgang is a weapon that deals magical damage, but with the combat art Beast Fang, it deals damage to both cavalry and dragon foes. Marianne can only wield it, and since she has a talent in swords, this is a decent weapon for her if needed for one ranged combat. She is extremely frail, so the weapon is better used in the player phase. The Levin Sword is more accessible and will still help the Golden Deer student out, but Blutgang does have its uses when needed.

Lance of Ruin

The Lance of Ruin is a much better version of Lúin, which has a better combat art by the name of Ruined Sky. It has an incredible 22 might and a 20 percent chance for critical hits. The weapon is also effective against dragons and fliers, making Sylvain the perfect flying killer when needed on maps with tons of flying units. Combine Sylvain being a cavalry or flying unit. He will make great use of the Lance of Ruin.


Wielded by Catherine, the Thunderbrand is the Brave Sword but with better might and 10 additional critical rate. It can even be effective against armored units with the combat art Foudroyant Strike as well as plus 30 critical hits. Armored units usually are easy to take out with someone with low magical bulk, but Thunderbrand is a decent alternative.


Claude’s hero, relic is a fantastic bow that has two to three range. Coupled with him getting Close Counter, he becomes a strong unit on the battlefield. It can also heal 30 percent of his health after taking damage, so he won’t have to worry about relying on a healer. What makes Failnaught shine the most is its combat art Fallen Star. With that, Claude will avoid all attacks during the next turn of combat.


Hilda’s weapon is just what she needs to become a powerful unit in whatever class she is in. As it boasts 23 might, you can rely on her for dishing out a lot of damage. That isn’t even all, as the combat art Apocalyptic Flame inflicts minus five strength to the opponent so that Hilda or anyone will take less damage. She might look cute, but with Freikugel, Hilda will take out threatening opponents at ease.

Aegis Shield

It would seem that Felix is more suitable with a sword since that is what he excels at, but the Aegis Shield does a lot of wonders for his survivability. As the name states, the Aegis Shield reduces damage for both physical and magic attacks. With Felix’s crest, he gains more defense and resistance stats. With his fantastic strength and speed, this helps Felix in the long run.


As if Lysithea were not already a powerful magic user, this hero relic gives her more power. She gains two more magic range and has Aegis and Pavise when the staff is in her possession. Even if there is no additional effect or combat art. You can have the cute but deadly Lysithea attack at a reasonable range and be safe from impending danger.


This hero relic is insane for someone like Dimitri. The weapon does not have the highest might, but it does have amazing boosts. What makes Areadbhar a reliable weapon is its combat art Atrocity. Some hero relics have effective damage against armors, cavalry, and dragons, but Atrocity takes the crown for being effective against all opponents. This relic makes Dimitri a fantastic boss killer that will ease the tension from a challenging map.

Rafail Gem

The Rafail Gem is the second Miracle skill for Mercedes, who can possess this item due to her crest of Lamine. This incredible gem negates the user’s movement-type weaknesses, disable enemies’ critical hits, and may halve damage received in combat. Regardless of what Mercedes’ class is, she will be able to tank despite her frail defense and last longer with her personal skill Live to Serve as a bonus.


Imagine an armored unit like Edelgard with this weapon. After that, add in the broken combat art Raging Storm. With those put together, Aymr becomes a weapon of mass destruction as Edelgard can make another action again after combat. In her route, this weapon is perfect for taking out dragons. Despite its 60 percent hit rate, Aymr is a phenomenal weapon that you would not want to encounter.

Sword of the Creator

Some people will underestimate the Sword of the Creator just because it has lower might and no extra critical rate. Overtime in the game, Byleth’s sword improves and will eventually become the best weapon in the game. Not only does it give the player the ability to attack an opponent at one or two range, but the Sword of the Creator also has Ruptured Heaven. It’s a combat art that deals an incredible amount of damage. And for a bonus, it can repair itself and save the trouble from repairing it at the weapons shop.