Football Manager 2020: 10 Additions And Improvements We’d Like To See

Ever since Sports Interactive broke away from Eidos and released Football Manager 2005, each year has brought a new version of the greatest management simulator to the world and swallowed up countless hours of my life. Like thousands of others, I’ve poured through page after page after page of stats, tinkered with my line-up over and over, and searched out the next Messi with a scouting network that stretches around the globe. It’s like an addiction. I pick my starting team, lock the bedroom door, and don’t reemerge from my dank, dark pit until my craving is fully sated.

As the years have rolled by, the game has come on in leaps and bounds, to the point now that it’s the closet thing you can get to patrolling the touchline without taking your FIFA badges. However, even the best shouldn’t rest on their laurels so with that in mind it’s time to take a look at new additions and improvements that Football Manager 2020 needs before it’s inevitable October launch.

Football Manager 2020: 10 Additions And Improvements


A Full Console Release

I have no idea what Sports Interactive have against consoles, outside of the Nintendo Switch anyway, but for some unknown reason, Football Manager has never been released on either of Sony or Microsoft’s gaming machines. This strikes me as not only a tad odd but also as financially stupid as they are limiting their market to just the PC Master Race and even though everyone has access to a laptop or tower these days, if Football Manager 2020 saw the light of day on the PS4 or Xbox One it would sell by the truckload. As it is, the closest you can get to a football management sim is letting FIFA play through on its own, and as EA is the Devil, then I’d rather shoot myself in the face.

Women's Football

Women’s Football

This is another one that should fall under the no-brainer banner, after all, even FIFA has managed to give women’s football the proper treatment, and as I’ve just established, EA is the Devil. Women’s football has been noticeable by its absence over previous releases, but after the roaring success of the 2019 World Cup, and with its image at an all-time high, Sports Interactive need to include it in their new game. Besides, who doesn’t want to go one better than Phil Neville and finally knock the USA team off of their perch?

Press Conference

Revamped Press Conferences

Now I’ m not being unrealistic here, I don’t expect the press conferences to go on for 30 minutes at a time with fresh new answers to every single question. I realize that there’s going to be some repetition, but I swear if I get asked how I think the fans praise is going to affect so and so one more bloody time, then my laptop is going out the window. Each year Sports Interactive promises that the system’s been revamped, only for us to find out that by that they mean they’ve just stuck in a couple of different answers and it can get so frustrating at times that you end up sending your Assistant Manager in your place long before the season ends.

3-D View

Improved Graphics

This isn’t such a big deal for me as I still use the classic 2-D view with the little dots belting around the screen, but I can understand why a lot of fans of the series want the 3-D engine improved. I mean, look at it. It seems like it’s been designed by a blind monkey on an Amstrad. We’re not expecting you to throw in something akin to the new Pro Evo but come on Sports Interactive, at least put some effort into it.


An Official Legends Database

This is one of those ideas that’s probably going to fall into the not going to happen category if for no other reason than it would cost too much in likeness rights, etc., etc. for Sports Interactive to implement. If we could have a full-on official legends database, Football Manager 2020 would have the kind of shelf-life previously unheard of in any branch of gaming. Imagine being able to sign Pele and Maradona to your front three while Bobby Moore and Beckenbauer patrol your backline. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it. But fear not, if this doesn’t happen then you can always pop over to the FM Base as sooner or later someone on there will drop a huge update containing all the heroes of yesteryear.


Managing The Reserves Or The Youth Team

You can start anywhere in the world and choose to manage whatever team takes your fancy, even if that’s in the arse end of China. However, that’s still not enough for some people as for a long, long time now fans of the series have clamored for the inclusion of being able to start your career as either the youth team boss or the reserves head coach.

I’m not that bothered by it but I can understand why some folk want the full immersion of rising through the ranks as a nobody to the head honcho of one of the biggest clubs in the world, or Wigan, and it’s been asked for so many times that maybe this year will be the one where Sports Interactive finally cave into the demands. But don’t hold your breath.


Better Interaction With Other Managers

Unlike most of the other suggestions on this list which are thought out beforehand and researched thoroughly, this one’s just popped into my head this very second, so bear with me here while I try and work it out. The idea with this entry is that outside of the occasional interaction that comes with press conferences and the like; it doesn’t matter if other managers in-game like you or not. Sure, if you piss Pep Guardiola off enough by taking potshots at him, then he’s not going to sell you any of his players, but outside of that, it doesn’t matter. What they should do is implement a way that actions have consequences, so if you’re on good terms with another manager, you can pick their brain over a forthcoming opponent and if you’ve annoyed someone they can help out another team that is looking to put one over on you.

Assistant Managers

Better Assistant Managers

And while we’re on the subject, the whole Assistant Manager area could use a complete make-over. Here’s a fella who’s supposed to be your right-hand man, your second-in-command, your go-to guy, but in reality, they’re about as much use as a chocolate tea-pot. How many times have you been playing an important fixture only for your Assistant Manager to chime in with “We’re being over-run in midfield.” Yes, and? Is that it? No advice on what I can do to solve this problem then? Well, f**k you too. It’s really hard to feel any form of attachment to your Assistant Manager, and that doesn’t reflect how these roles are in real life. After all, a great Assistant Manager can be the difference between winning the title and finishing second.

Manager And Player Interaction

Better Manager And Player Interaction

Considering that you’re just reading text on a screen, it’s pretty hard to judge just how the player you’re having a little chat with is feeling. This can cause countless problems. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve taken my Assistant Manager’s advice and decided to praise a player for their recent performances, only for them to tell me how much of an idiot I am and they aren’t playing anywhere near the level that that sort of glowing praise would require. It’s a small annoyance but an annoyance none the less and one that could be fixed just by giving us more options in a discussion or just a simple heads up about how the player is currently feeling. If a guy walks into your office with a face like a slapped arse, it’s probably safe to say they’re having a bad day.

Horror Faces

No More Horror Regen Faces

Yeah, I’ll leave this here. Try not to have nightmares.