Fortnite: 10 Items That Epic Games Removed And Why

 Fortnite: 10 Items That Epic Games Removed And Why

There have been many items coming and leaving the realm of Fortnite. Some items are great, and they continue to stay in the game for a long time, but there are also a few items on the other hand that have questionable existence. Today at Gamepur we will list the 10 Items That Epic Games Removed From Fortnite.

10 Items That Were Removed From Fortnite

Infinity Blade

Regarded as one of the coolest weapons that can e ever added to the game; the Infinity Blade had its ups for the time it was in the game. The sword had an extended range of coverage and high damage. It also gave you four-hundred health points in total which is double the health-points for an average person not carrying a sword. While wielding the sword, you can also have the ability to charge up in the sky and smash down on an opponent dealing a significant amount of damage to the player against you. The unjust power of the sword led many fans angry not to mention the e-Sports community that has enraged because the sword was available for anyone to grab even in pro scrim matches.


After days of hell, Epic Games finally decided to vault the item. Fear not though, even after the item as taken away, players managed to glitch under the layer which was protecting the sword from being stolen. Players were able to find a sure workaround and managed to get the item even after it was vaulted. Epic Games released a statement saying that rare “Mythical” items will return at some point. A previous version of a mythical item was the Infinity Gauntlet that was a part of the Fortnite x Marvel event that took place.

Bounce Pad

Introduced in the 4.3 patch, the bounce pad was a fantastic way to get around. The item was added after the gravity stones. It uses the same idea; you can jump high and fall from vast distances with no fall damage. It was no disliked by the community. It is one of the most items that players of the game keep asking to be returned.


Fortnite introduced various ways to get around and go from place to place in the map. Things like the ATK’s and the shopping carts. There was one speculation that it was because of the increase of mobility items. The thought was correct since the community coordinator of Epic Games had to say this after fans of the game demanded the return of the bounce pad. “We removed Bouncers due to the influx of recent mobility items as well as more than we have planned for the future,” – Epic Games Comm. Coordinator


Many are unfamiliar with this weapon. It has been in the game before season one hence why the majority of people can not recognize it. It was an overpowered sniper that looked futuristic with an electronic zap. It was a sniper type of weapon, it was too accurate and dealt too much damage. People did not enjoy the idea of something being used unfairly.


The item was vaulted way back on Oct. 5th, 2017. Fortnite had replied to a tweet at them regarding the weapon. The tweet is no longer available (deleted), but we have a screenshot of Fortnite’s reply (on Twitter) stating that the item was vaulted. After the item was removed Fortnite also said that they would rethink bringing back the weapon, however, you can still take a look at the weapon by purchasing the Save The World game mode which still has the Zapetron in it. Satirically, the Zapetron is one of the most if not the most not used, and low-damage dealing weapons STW has to offer.


Drum Gun

This submachine gun was helpful. When this gun was removed, many fans were disappointed since it was one of the most liked weapons by the community. The gun offered a huge magazine size, mid-range accuracy, and ballistic damage rates. If you are boxed in a one-by-one, someone can easily break your walls and get inside using this gun.


It was vaulted when a noticeable change happened. The community started using SMGs more than anything and moved away from using regular metas like using the shotgun. That was enough for Epic Games to vault the Drum Gun in patch 5.40. Epic said that the gun might return, but to this day we have not seen it.

Burst Assault Rifle

This gun is one of the most items that remained in the game for a long time. After many seasons and changes in the meta and the game’s mechanics, the burst was not getting used at all. Not to mention the gun was rare to find at blue rarity, and the gun also was inaccurate mid-range. It dealt little damage and just did not fit the overall feel of the game.

Fortnite considered this item as clutter and decided to remove this weapon in patch 7.10 content update number three.


Double Barrel Shotgun

When this item was released a long time ago, it brought refreshment to the game. The game at that time did not receive a new shotgun or a new sniper for a long time. It was a good shotgun since it one-shot people at close range.


The item was soon vaulted due to changed regarding the conventional pump. The traditional pump received a significant buff making it more reliable, unlike the Double Barrel. The double pump can one-shot people, but unlike the Double Barrel, it did not need to be on the opponent’s face. It did not have only two shots and did not take a long time to reload.


This trap was just hilarious to use. It was a fun item to use against newbies or people who just started the game. This item did not have much of practical use in the game. It was only used to get down from mountains in a short amount of time.


Other than that; it was used as a trap late game to slide opponents off into the storm which made for hilarious and funny clips. When you step on the trap, it engulfs your feet with ice limiting the control of your movement. While your feet are frozen, you can not go up ramps, and you can not use healing items. This item was sarcastically removed in the chilling update of 7.00 which brought season 7.

Old Traps

We have no idea to this day why these items existed. They all served the same purpose, but they looked different. They were in the late stages of the game, so you probably will not recognize them.

These items were rightfully seen as clutter and were removed after a few months. You can still view and use these items, but against husks in the PvE game mode of the game, Save The World.

Six Shooter

This weapon had a unique mechanic which brought a new feel for the pistols in the game. You can shoot slowly, but accurately while aiming down the sight. The other way is you can shoot without aiming down the sight, but the pistol fired a lot quicker.


This pistol was one of its kind. It was brought in the same day the Halloween update dropped which brought zombies, challenges and another weapon. The item has been vaulted because it did not fit the meta that was changing rapidly.

Guided Missle Launcher

Introduced way back in season 5, the guided missile launcher brought joy to people who like “turtling” in a one by one. This gun offered significant control over the missile you are shooting. You can move it to wherever you want, exploding on contact. When the amount of time stops you lose control and missile goes in a straight path.


The weapon was vaulted and brought back several times. It was too overpowered at first, so they vaulted it. Then it had a glitch where it would fire back at the opposite site you are shooting it from leading to an explosion which most likely would kill you, but it also had one good thing. You can rocket ride forever as long as you have an abundant amount of rockets, and since back then there was no rocket ammo limit people got used to rocket riding into places.