These are the best PlayStation 5 memes the internet has to offer

The internet worked hard on these.

PlayStation 5

Our favorite part of modern living is when the interconnect bundle of souls known as the internet decides something is funny, or a little ridiculous, and wants to have some fun with it. The gaming community is especially sharp when it comes to making fun of new consoles, no matter how badly we want to buy them. The recent reveal of the PlayStation 5 was no exception, and jokers everywhere took to their favorite meme-machines to produce some high-quality laughs.

The PlayStation 5 is going to a different route to the Xbox Series X, which also got the meme treatment when it was revealed. While Microsoft’s new offering is extremely simple, just a tall cuboid, the PlayStation 5 is opting for a more sleek, futuristic look. This gave people plenty of opportunities to come up with imaginative ways to comment on the design. We have gathered up some of the best ones we have found below.