5 Ways Apex Legends Can Stay Ahead of the Competition


Congratulations Apex Legends! You’ve clawed your way to the top and become the biggest game in the world. But don’t get too comfortable, plenty of games of have been your in position and lost the crown due to fatal mistakes. Here are a few ways that you can avoid the mistakes of your predecessors.

How Apex Legends Can Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Content, Content, Content!

The one’s pretty straightforward, but keep the content flowing! From new game modes to new characters, make your players always feel like something is exciting around the corner. Plenty of games fail because the player base gets merely bored and moves on to the next big game. However, if Apex Legends can continue holding the attention of its player base, then it’ll have a better chance of remaining relevant in the coming years.

Remain Stylish!

Unlike like other free to play BR(battle royale) games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends allows it’s player base to equip amazing skins without spending a dime. Sure the option is there to buy skins and loot boxes directly, but merely leveling up will give every player a chance to unlock nearly all of the skins. If Apex Legends can remain relatively player friendly when it comes to cosmetics, then the game has an opportunity to retain player interest as well as encourage players to spend money within their store. The fact that this is an EA game with microtransactions and it hasn’t upset the entire world must mean that the game is doing something right; for now…

Switch Up The Meta!

For the most part, most people would consider the game to be fair and balance. However, to retain player interest, Apex Legends has to add Legends and changes that improve but keep the original fun that players had. This is somewhat difficult to accomplish, but it’s essential the game forces players switch up their tactics and develop new ways to demolish the competition. However, Apex Legends must ensure that they don’t change the core gameplay loop to the point of it being unrecognizable.

Expand That Lore!

Apex Legends already exist in the amazing Titanfall universe! The possibilities are endless in terms of how they could develop their characters and storylines. Take a page out of the Overwatch playbook and release more trailers that detail what’s going on within the world of Apex Legends. Don’t be afraid to show Titans or other recognizable characters and themes from the Titanfall games. Just because Titan gameplay isn’t the focus of Apex Legends, doesn’t mean that the developers should completely ignore the aspect of their universe that players love.

Remain Apex!

And finally, don’t lose sight of why gamers love your game in the first place! From your characters, tone, and gameplay, the countless players playing love how different you are. If they wanted to play Call of Duty, Fortnite, or Overwatch, then they’d play those games. Continue to carve out your niche within the industry and remain the unique BR game that’s gotten you to the top. Don’t chase trends that betray you original design philosophies. Now the fact that you’ve become a major overnight success means that these temptations are going to be even more relevant. However, if you can remain true to yourself, you’ll become another legendary franchise within the gaming industry!