Hands on: Luigi’s Mansion 3’s Garden Floor is brimming with life


We over on Gamepur recently got the chance to try out a brand new Floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 ahead of the game’s official release at Nintendo UK HQ. We weren’t only pleasantly surprised with what we played but were instantly hooked and wanting more.

The game, the third in a series of titles spanning back to the Gamecube, places Luigi in another haunted mansion where Luigi, Mario, and a triad of Mario-themed characters are on vacation. Of course, everything goes horribly wrong, so it’s up to Luigi to save his friends and family with the help of Professor E. Gadd and a new Plotergust G-oo.

Unfortunately, we can’t talk to you guys about the whole demo that we got a chance of playing. But we can at least showcase a part of the game that has partially come out in previous trailers. Check out the video above.

In it, we go through the Garden floor of the hotel (this is just what the folks at Nintendo called it during our play session) to take on the level and the boss at the end. Throughout our session, we got a chance to try single-player, co-op, and some other secrets we sadly can’t share.

First and foremost: The game and level design are stunning. It shows the level of detail the developers have put into the game to bring Luigi and the world around him to life. The cutscenes, while short, also really help to tell the story and showcase Luigi’s genuine fear.

The level is also full of secrets and surprises to explore. For example, in one section of the level, you need to clear away a bunch of sakura petals to reveal new areas. Only Gooigi, the gooey slime version of Luigi that helps you to complete puzzles, can squeeze through to find one of the game’s many rare collectibles.

Honestly, there is just a lot to love about the game, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full version next month. Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Oct. 31.