13 Best Minecraft Mods You Must Download In 2019

 13 Best Minecraft Mods You Must Download In 2019

It is no surprise that a game like Minecraft has taken a massive liking by the modding community since the game is mostly open sourced the source code is seen and is be able to be molded. The blocky game garnered hundreds of thousands of mods that have been created since the game’s groundbreaking release, and the game still gets many annually. There are also a lot of mod-pack refreshes through the years made by modding giants such as Feed The Beast.

13 Best Minecraft Mods

On this note, we decided to make a list of 13 Best Minecraft Mods that every player must try.

Journey maps

This mod is just great. It helps you know where the hell you are and eliminates the need of remembering your place’s coordinates. It lets you set waypoints which appear conveniently at one of the corners of your screen and into your game. It has various other uses like knowing the last place you died in, friends and mobs too.



Just many other mods in this list, this mod does not grant much of an advantage if used. It is purely made to avoid the game’s aging and dull graphics. It applies better lighting fixtures to improve the game’s visual aspect and also uses various other methods like new and improved textures. The mod is just a management tool for the hundreds of shader packs that the fans have made.


This mod is unique; we’ve never seen anything like it! WAILA is an acronym which stands for What Am I Looking At. What it does is tells you information depending on whether you’re going vanilla (with a few utility mods hehe) or playing a mod-pack. The mod summaries the data in a small box which can be located at the top of the screen. If in vanilla, the mod can tell you information like an entity’s health, name, and appearance, but for blocks, it shows you things like the percentage until a block is broken and whether the block is harvestable or not.

Not Enough Items (NEI)

Not Enough Items, also known in the Minecraft community as NEI is a mod used by many people and it is no surprise if you have seen it in a mod-pack before since it is used in an overwhelming majority of mod-packs. It lists every item in the game and gives you information about it like how to craft an object for example.



Everyone uses this mod, and it must not be a surprise that it is listed here. The mod, like many grants no direct advantage over people not using it, but is still extremely convenient for what it offers. The mod enabled the user to get more customizability through showing more options in the settings not to mention the zoom feature which can be key-bound to a certain key on your keyboard we haven’t even mention the most selling point of this mod which is the noticeable amount of increased FPS it grants to a user. Overall this mod is excellent and is used by the vast majority of the player base.

Inventory Tweaks

This one of a kind mod helps you differently. Every tried to painstakingly rearrange your items after deciding to go caving or exploring a biome nearby? Well, this mod enables you to do that instantly with a click of a button. It saves much time by rearranging your items in your inventory through categories like A-Z and another few.

Biomes O’ Plenty Mod

This mod is also widely used in almost every mod-pack. It adds many biomes to the game, which is a definite refresh from the few biomes vanilla has to offer. It includes biomes, sub-biomes, and biomes in the Nether and the End!


Chisel 3

Chisel 3 is a popular option to spice up your game when it comes to aesthetics. It dramatically increases the number of textures and shapes. The cobblestone block, for example, has only one texture despite its recent change, but on the other hand, Chisel offers over twenty cobblestone textures.



This magic mod like any other enables you to manipulate magic to your liking in your world with ease. The mod features tens of magic-related items which gradually get harder to obtain. You can harvest energy and use it to create various things. Each item has its value. The rarer and harder it is to craft the more value it has.



Decocraft is a mod that lets you spice up the interior design of your building using many kinds of wood and wool variants. The mod includes things like desks, chairs, tables and glass showcases. As we said, the mod is beneficial for decorating the insides and sometimes the outsides of your house or building.


Applied Energetics

The name says it all. This mod enables you to reach a limit where you can have much energy. Energy is a basic necessity for many mod-packs as they are used to power any machine or anything machine-like. In this mod, you can build a machine where it can collect and generate much energy which you can use in anything just as mentioned above.


Blood Magic

This mod is another mod that magic related. You start with a blood altar, sacrificing your blood for the sake of magic! After the altar part, you begin to make an altar which has six tiers. Each tier becomes harder and harder to make, and the stronger you get. Also, Life Essense is pretty useful.


Simply Flight

This mod fulfills a man’s dream, the dream of flight. It helps you achieve that dream through the use of jetpacks. There are different levels and tiers for the jetpacks, and just like any other leveling system in any other game or mod. The harder, the better. Jetpacks can be used to fly and as armor pieces, and they can also neglect fall damage when used.