Planet Zoo Preview: Beta Go Beyond


Frontier, at this point, are masters of the Tycoon and Simulator formula. It should come to no surprise that even in its early stages, Planet Zoo is already shaping up to be a fantastic game.

We have been playing the beta for a few days now. We have been learning the tricks of the trade (as it were) to become masters of the world, researching everything that we need to run a successful business. Sadly, however, even after all that time playing the game, there are still things that we feel we need to learn. There’s more to discover to take advantage of everything on offer.

Then again, maybe this is a good thing as it will differentiate the beginners to the masters in Frontier’s latest masterpiece-to-be.

First of all, this is an incredibly intricate game. The number of different things you need to learn, link up, and prepare for caught me off guard at first. There is so much different stuff you need to keep your eyes on.

First, when setting up your park, there are a whole host of buildings that you need to have before you even get started. Choosing where to put these buildings is vital. You need to keep some away from areas where visitors frequently go.

We found ourselves having to plan our Zoos right from the get-go. We thought where it would be best to position every building, power source, and exhibit to bring in the most happiness and cash.

After finally getting your park to a decent state with the finances on offer, making sure your customers have a lot to buy, see, and do. You want your stuff to have everything they need. Then it’s time to grab some animals.

Just like with games like Jurassic World Evolution, each animal has a specific thing you need to cater to, such as foods and habitat, to make them happy. Otherwise, you risk agitating them, and they are likely to cause chaos.

You also need to make sure that your visitors can see the creatures. So setting up things like food bowls and necessitates near viewing platforms can be the difference between a successful zoo and one doomed to fail one.

We haven’t even begun to go into the different research options you need to do to find out new blueprints for your park. These include cures for potential future diseases, as well as crucial details you need to look into when buying animals. You need to consider its age, wellbeing, etc., to make sure they are around as long as they possibly can be.

The beta only gave us a taster on what was on offer with only a small pool of things to purchase and buy. At launch, the game will have three modes, including a sandbox mode, which we couldn’t test out. There are 70 plus animals, multiple continents, and more stuff that we are excited to explore.

There is a lot to be talked about and explored here that we can’t fit into a single preview. The game is still some ways away, and the beta is ending shortly, we can’t wait to get our hands on the full experience and sink countless hours into making our perfect themed zoos.