What We Can Expect To See from the PS5 April 2020 Reveal Event, and What Information Could Come Out


News is in the air as we learn about the PlayStation 5’s next reveal. We learned about the console’s release date, coming up in 2020, and we have it confirmed. We also learn about several of the hardware features revolving around the console, which Wired.com had an exclusive look at before anyone else. There’s a lot of news going on right now. However, plenty of it is speculation.

We do know one more thing, and it’s that in April 2020, we’re going to get a reveal event about the console. Sony is going to have this massive conference showing off their new console. What sort of things can we expect from an event like that?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Reveal Event in April 2020 – What’s Going to Happen

Launch Games

We’re likely going to learn about the launch games going alongside the console. Sony will probably confirm what’s going to release alongside it. We’re going to get an idea of how much stake Sony is putting behind the console’s initial release. The big games to come out with the title are a big one. We’re likely going to confirm what’s a rehash of their old, popular titles, and what’s brand new.

Hopefully, Sony leans into more new games than the stuff they’re going to bring back from previous generations. More modern games are probably going to draw more people in during the early release, leading to more pre-orders and sales. However, the launch titles typically have a handful of bugs, issues, and overall hiccups because they’re the first to try out the console. Sony will likely lean on the most prominent titles from the last generation, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, and God of War.

How Far it Goes With Backwards Compatibility

For those who love their consoles, it’s sometimes challenging to keep up with all of the consistent releases. Whenever a new, upgraded version of a console releases players want to know if they can play their old games on the new format. For a while, it became expected. And then it steadily becomes a question Sony or Microsoft had to answer, which turned out to become more select releases. Later down the line, it became more common to play older games by downloading them directly to the console rather than using the old discs.

Players are going to want this information immediately upfront. It won’t be the first thing Sony talks about during their reveal event, but they’re going to cover it for a bit. They’re going to detail how many PlayStation 4 games players can bring to their new console. PlayStation 4 is going to be the big one, and from there, it’s likely any old games from the PlayStation store are going to transfer over, too.

Regardless, this is going to get talked about extensively, and we’re going to learn some concrete details. Sony does not want to lose additional players who wish for this. Gamers want the chance to revisit old games on their new console and not have to pull out an old console to play their favorite classic title.

PlayStation 5 Controller

While we’re getting more confirmed details about the PlayStation 5’s hardware, we have yet to learn about the console’s controller. We have a handful of details, such as the fact rumbling is going out the window. They’re going to do away with it. Sony is bringing in haptic technology, which is going to give developers the ability to measure how much pressure a player needs to place on a button to do a certain action. These actions include details such as slowly opening up a door, pulling back a bowstring, and much more.

We’re likely going to learn the controller’s name and design during this event. We’ll get the console and the controller side-by-side. During the last generation, Microsoft gave their player base the capacity to customize their controller with focused colors. Sony is likely not going to go down this route, but it could introduce more customizable options for players who enjoy this.

Upcoming Titles and The Road Ahead

When April 2020 comes around, we’re going to get our first look at the console and learn plenty about the PlayStation 5. We’re also going to get an idea of Sony’s roadmap for the first year of the console. During the initial launch, there’s going to be a handful of issues, and the launch titles might not entirely work. But, they’re going to give players an idea of what Sony wants to do.

The opening titles are likely going to lean heavily on the biggest releases from the last generation. However, we might get an idea of some new titles releasing a few short months after the PlayStation 5 becomes available. They want to get their player base excited and give them a lot to look forward to. If they can provide a decent release schedule for sequels and brand new IPs, Sony could reap in players at the start.

All of this is speculation. Other than a handful of details about the PlayStation 5 controller, we don’t have too many other confirmed information. Sony’s April 2020 event is going to be big. They’re going to set the tone moving forward, and Microsoft is going to use it as a way to measure what they need to bring to the table and highlight during their reveal event for Project Scarlett.