Pokemon Go Needs A Mimikyu Community Day For Halloween 2023

Mimikyu is still missing from Pokemon Go, and fans are ready to finally see it star in a 2023 Halloween event.

Image via the Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go uses theme-accurate species throughout the year to celebrate certain annual milestones. From Ice-type companions in Winter to summers loaded with Grass and Fire-types, there are plenty of options to make a seasonal event exciting. However, there is one holiday fans are getting increasingly frustrated about – Halloween.

For years, players have broadcasted their desire for Alola’s adorable monster Mimikyu to be debuted and featured for a Halloween event. Still missing from Pokemon Go, Mimikyu is the ideal species to spotlight and is often passed up on for less desirable or repetitive Ghost-types.

Why Repeat When There Are So Many Missing Ghost-Types?

Image via the Pokemon Company

For the past several years, players have waited eagerly for the Halloween Community Day and event updates in hopes of something other than a Shuppet or Ghastly. Unfortunately, many fan favorites have been given the cold shoulder during the fall season, leaving favorites like Mimikyu in the dust.

This is especially surprising, seeing as many Mimikyu avatar items have been introduced already, including a Mimikyu hat. Usually, players see these themed items added alongside the Pokemon they are based on, instead of appearing as one-off additions to the cosmetic store.

Why Adding Mimikyu Be Awesome (Especially during Halloween)

Image via the Pokemon Company

Adding Mimikyu would promote tons of activity from the community for heaps of reasons. First of all, in the metagame, Mimikyu is perfectly designed for Pokemon GO. It has robust defensive stats, making it a great Pokemon for battles. The typing on a Mimikyu helps against other bulky types that exist out there like Fairy and Ghost, and even if someone tries to roll in with the most powerful Fighting-type they have, the Fairy moves on Mimikyu would make short work of any intruder.

Additionally, from a gameplay perspective, Mimikyu was easily one of the most popular Pokemon in its generation. The community would also have a field day trying to secure Shiny forms of the ghost Pokemon if it were to double debut with as Shiny when entering Pokemon Go.

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Anyone who enjoys the Halloween season would be delighted to have this Pokemon on board. Considering all the cosmetic options we have concerning Mimikyu, it would match a lot of trainers as a Buddy to take along during Go adventures. Additionally, the introduction during Halloween and the fall season would be far more than just well-placed, it would practically be a recipe for community interaction. The amount of cosmetics that have Mimikyu as a feature and the lack of Mimikyu in-game seem to almost outright suggest that Niantic is saving the iconic Pokemon for a special occasion. Maybe fans will finally see it during the 2023 Halloween season.