Pokemon Go September Community Day Predictions

 Pokemon Go September Community Day Predictions

August’s Community Day came to a close on Saturday evening. As trainers limped home after a long day of hatching eggs, catching Ralts, and praying to the RNG gods for a shiny to appear, the speculations already started for Pokémon Go’s September Community Day. With the latest pattern established, there’s some idea as to what to expect for next month.

Turtwig in front of a green background

The Star: Turtwig

At least this is the easy part. Pokémon Go has a pattern for Community Days, alternating starter Pokémon with non-starters. August’s featured Ralts, a non-starter Pokémon. So the next one we will see will be a starter. Since we’re progressing into the Sinnoh line up, we’re looking at Chimchar, Piplup, or Turtwig. And since Treecko was featured in March, and we haven’t had a grass type since, odds are it will be Turtwig.

Thankfully we’re landing on a month that we know will feature a starter. This would be much more difficult otherwise.

That said, that’s the easiest part. Other than the increased chance to catch an elusive shiny Pokémon, the main draw for Community Days comes from the special move the featured Pokémon will know upon evolution. For example, upon evolving Ralts, trainers would get a Gardevoir or Gallade that knew Synchronize but only for Community Day. The same will be true for a Torterra.

Torterra using Frenzy Plant from the Anime

The Move: Frenzy Plant

While it’s not as easy to predict the chosen, looking back again on previous Community Days gives us yet another pattern. This one is a bit disappointing. All the starter Pokémon learn the same type based moves. For example, all of the Fire-type starters would get Blast Burn. Recently, Trainers could teach their Pokémon another move on Community Day as well, shown with Mudkip and Muddy Water or with Blaziken and Blaze Kick.

Based on this, a Community Day Torterra will know Frenzy Plant. This is established, so I’d be shocked if it didn’t follow the other grass Pokémon trend. As for the other move, that’s less easy to determine. Blaziken could learn Blaze Kick, and Swampert could learn Muddy Water. Both of these are signature moves to these individual Pokémon that they learn through training. While Treecko is the third in the Hoenn line up, it’s worth noting that it didn’t have a signature TM move like the other Hoenn starters.

Torterrra’s signature move is arguably Wood Hammer, but it is much stronger than the previously listed alternate moves, on par with Frenzy Plant. And it doesn’t learn it through levels. So while I instinctively want to say it will be Wood Hammer, it doesn’t follow the newest pattern we have.

What other bonuses?

What would Community Day be without additional goodies? Again, looking at previous Community Days should tell us what to expect. We’ll see three-hour lures since that has been a staple for nearly all of the previous Community Days.

This time we’re likely to see some bonus Stardust, likely three times the usual amount. Previous Starter Community Days alternate with bonus experience or bonus Stardust. Since Mudkip gave us bonus experience, Turtwig will probably have some bonus Stardust.

Lowered egg hatch distance is something that probably won’t show up for September’s Community Day. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that August has its own hatching event. Granted, that is only for gifted eggs, but still. The second is that August’s Community Day featured reduced hatch distances and that tends to alternate.

Okay, how about a date?

Nope, sorry, no date yet. And even speculating on that is difficult. The dates tend to vary across the board. If I had to guess, I’d say somewhere in the middle of the month, around September 21 if only because the last two starters Pokémon Community Days were midway through the month where the nonstarter Pokémon were earlier, but that is a recent trend and may not continue.

Pokémon Go could announce the date as early as a week or two before the Community Day itself, so keep an eye out for updates.