Pokemon Sword and Shield: Best Fan Art Of Sirfetch’d


It has been a long time coming, but our beloved Farfetch’d has finally been given an evolution. Farfetch’d was one of those underappreciated Pokémon that originated from Pokémon Red and Blue. For the longest time, Farfetch’d couldn’t evolve. It was a simple duck Pokémon that is often ignored for bigger and better bird Pokémon. Farfetch’d gain an underdog status from fans, many of which desired that Farfetch’d be given his own evolution.

23 years later, Farfetch’d can now evolve into a Sirfetch’d, and Sirfetch’d is everything we could have dreamed of. Sirfetch’d was revealed on Sept. 18, and the world has not been able to stop talking about him. People have fallen in love with this new Pokémon, and who can blame them. Sirfetch’d looks like a cooler version of Farfetch’d, he even has own sword and shield that are made up of vegetation.

Sirfetch’d will be making his debut in Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nov. 15. However if you can’t wait to see more of this majestic Pokémon, then fan art would be great alternative to tide you over until you can properly explore this new Pokémon in the games. Sirfetch’d became an almost instant fan favorite, so there have been plenty fan art created since this Pokémon was announced.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Best Fan Art Of Sirfetch’d

The arts below are some of the best fan art of Sirfetch’d that we can personally gather.

It’s a bird vs. bird! Sirfetch’d stands valiantly against an approaching Corviknight. Everything about the fan art above is wonderfully represented. Both bird Pokémon look great, and the way the artist conveys motion is terrific. You do get the sense that Corviknight is rushing towards Sirfetch’d with great intensity.

Art by Alex Ahad, the creative director of Skullgirls.

As we all know, nothing is cooler than walking away from an explosion. While Sirfetch’d is running away from an explosion in this artwork, the basic principle still applies. He has his eyes set on something, and nothing is going to get in his way. He may be rushing away from the explosion, but he doesn’t look back. The explosion is nothing to him; he needs to get to his next destination. I would have never thought that an evolved form of Farfetch’d look anything like an action movie star, yet here we are.

Art by uninori550.

It is Sirfetch’d with his pre-evolved form, Farfetch’d. This is just a pleasant fan art to look at. The colors are bright and pleasant to observe, and Farfetch’d’s facial expression works superbly in this image. It perfectly encapsulates how different both Pokémon look, yet at the same time highlights what makes them so similar.

Art by Siplick.

The whole knight motif works for Farfetch’d. Farfetch’d are always carrying a leek, which it often uses as a sword. By making the leek look more like a sword, and adding in a shield, the whole knight thing makes perfect sense for our good old friend Farfetch’d. The artist above came up with their idea of how Farfetch’d evolve into Sirfetch’d. Seemingly based on how the queen would bless people to become knights in real life, this artist came up with the smart idea of having Zacian (one of box Legendaries for Sword and Shield) bless a normal Farfetch’d, who then evolves into a Sirfetch’d after being blessed. It’s a good idea that this artist beautifully brought to life.

Art by Chris.

Talk about a badass piece of art, this amazing fan piece oozes awesomeness. Sirfetch’d is protecting a helpless trainer with its shield, with no sign of hesitation from his face. The trainer behind it can only look awestruck. Sirfetch’d looks incredibly heroic, as he should be; he is a knight after all.

This art reminded me of the scene from Dragon Ball Z when Piccolo protected Gohan from Nappa’s energy blast. The main difference is that Sirfetch’d isn’t harmed, whereas Piccolo died protecting Gohan. All I’m saying is that this fan art proves that Sirfetch’d better than Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z.

Art by satomi_sann.

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