Everything We Know About Wooloo In Pokemon Sword and Shield


Today’s Nintendo Direct was all about Pokemon Sword and Shield. We learned the game would have Raids, online multiplayer, a Dynamax system that would feature battles between giant Pokemon. We met new characters, trainers, and we saw lots of new Pokemon that we could catch in the game’s new Galar region. The most important thing we saw during today’s direct was Wooloo.

Wooloo looks like a particularly chilled-out sheep, with pigtails and tiny little horns that are ridiculously cute. The weavers who live in Galar view Wooloo’s soft fur as a treasure, and they use it to craft goods. Wooloo is a Normal-type Pokemon that stands at two feet tall and weighs about 13 pounds. Wooloo also has Fluffy and Run Away abilities.

The white fur that covers Wooloo’s body grows throughout its life and will fully grow back in three months even if it has been completely shorn. The fur is used for clothing, carpets, and other goods and is very popular as a specialty product of the Galar region. Wooloo live as a herd and mimic the actions of their Trainer or herd leader. They dislike conflict, and if they need to escape from enemies, they will simply roll away.

Wooloo seems like a Pokemon that has its priorities in order. No desire for fame, fights, or fortune, a Wooloo wants to chill in a field, eat some grass, and grow some cute fluff that somebody can turn into a sweater. Plus, is there anything better than simply rolling away from your enemies, neatly getting you to safety while making them look like an idiot?

I am sure I will love to have all sorts of outstanding Pokemon that are great at fighting, but I absolutely can’t wait to walk around and enjoy the sites and sounds of the Galar region with my good buddy Wooloo.