Top 4 Reasons to Play Star Wars Battlefront II Again

Anyone who’s been gaming for more than a few years has probably heard the controversy over games like Star Wars Battlefront II and the issue of loot boxes. The title was even brought under investigation by state governments to determine if it was considered gambling and if it took advantage of younger, underage gamers. No one denies that upon release, the disappointing online shooter had all the qualities of a cheap money-grabbing game by Electronic Arts, but after several years of being dragged through the mud, the game has gone through some much-needed updates, which has finally made it feel like the $60 price point.

We’re not here to defend the game’s controversial loot boxes when it first released, nor are we supporting the company who released an unfinished game for full price. What we are saying is that it’s worth coming back to Star Wars Battlefront II now that there’s more content and things to get excited about. Yes, the game still feels like an empty Star Wars battle simulator, but there’s no denying the fun we’ve had jumping into Geonosis as a clone trooper alongside a large band of other clones.

The 4 Reasons To Play Star Wars Battlefront II Again

We’ve come up with a few reasons to come back and why they’re essential.

New Maps


This one’s a bit more frustrating because it took them so long to drop all this free content, leaving many gamers to ask, “why not just release a full game at launch?” That’s a great question, but that doesn’t mean the new maps released post-launch aren’t worth checking out. One reason for releasing them later is merely to stagger them with the film releases, not wanting to spoil movie content (this doesn’t speak for Geonosis and the additional prequel-era characters that just released this year). Some of the most iconic battles can be played, such as Crait, where players can join the First Order and siege the Resistance fortifications or they can defend against the onslaught of stormtroopers using the resources available. Another great addition is Geonosis, where players can choose from a variety of clone types, which can be purchased with in-game currency (no longer loot boxes, but still a chore to obtain).

New Heroes


Although not as fluid and streamlined as the first game, the sequel’s hero selection continues to grow to this day, adding characters from all of the trilogies as well as the spin-off film, Solo. Recently they’ve added new skins to previous characters like Leia, Luke, and Han, but expanded the roster with prequel characters like General Kenobi, General Grievous, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker. One great thing about this game is the unique and creative abilities that each hero and villain have, as well as the balances placed on them to keep them from being OP (still waiting for the Emperor’s power to be dropped, but that’s just one bad example).

New Game Types

One major complaint is the lack of compelling game types that keep the title worthy of playing, but over the last few years, they’ve added new game types which are both unique and fresh. One game type, Ewok Hunt, is a terrifying rendition of the battle of Endor, starting one player as an Ewok and the rest as stormtroopers. As the Ewok kills the stormtroopers, they too become Ewoks, eventually overrunning the remaining imperial troops. The worst part is that the game type is at night, giving the stormtrooper players the minimal aid of a flashlight, while the Ewoks can see just about everything in their direct POV. It would be interesting to see if other game types like this come through future updates,

A Great Experience


The final reason to play Star Wars Battlefront II despite it being a few years old is the experience alone. Now that the stain of loot boxes has been mostly removed, it allows players to jump into the iconic movie battles without having to worry about spending real-world currency and just enjoying the experience. Jump into a battle on Mos Eisley as a sandtrooper or defend the cloning facility on Kamino against the Separatist forces. Hop into an X-Wing or a Tie Fighter in classic dog fights or use your jet-pack to get the advantage as Boba Fett. All these things are possible in Star Wars Battlefront II and although the game doesn’t have the same nostalgic feel that the original games had, it’s still a great experience for fans of the franchise. It’s also worth noting that the experience is worth more than the current retail price, which is more reasonable than what it used to be, especially considering that it features a single-player campaign that adds to the current canon of the franchise.