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Remnant: From The Ashes – Best Builds And Loadouts

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Remnant allows for a lot of player choice in builds; here are samples of some great ones.

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Remnant: From the Ashes is one of those games that is fun because of the playstyle diversity. In a group of friends, we’ve tried all kinds of different builds, and none of them felt unworkable. Still, it was true that some perform better than others, letting you clear parts of the game faster than others.

Remnant: From The Ashes – Best Builds And Loadouts

Here are a few samples of the ones I’ve found work best:

Single Shot Cheese

Cheesing single-shot weapons are one of my favorite things in any game of this nature. I instantly tip my hat to a game that gives me some ability or item with text like “the last shot in the magazine deals XX percent bonus damage” and also provides weapons with one shot before reloading.

Remnant provides a couple of options for this. The Slayer armor (the full set bonus give a +35 percent damage bonus to the first shot after reloading) and the Bandit armor (which offers a 35 percent chance to replace a spent bullet on a hit).

The latter tends to be better, but the Slayer armor is respectable with massive single-shot damage weapons like the Sniper Rifle, which you can get early and scales very well into the late game.

The Bandit set though is very much a DPS focused build, so it’s quite entertaining to fiddle with. You have a lot of options to play around with. I tried the Sniper Rifle, Hunting Pistol, Sporebloom, the infamous Devastator, and the Ricochet Rifle across the course of the game.

The Devastator is by far the best option; five chances to restore ammo essentially means you’re getting it back every time; whiffing is an anomaly, not the rule like with most other weapons. This climbs higher with the use of Catalyst. Sporebloom (a boss Shotgun from Earth) is a close second, as each shotgun pellet similarly has a chance to return ammo. Devastator’s increased range often wins out, but I like Sporebloom’s Mod and close range potential a lot.

For handguns, I suggest you get something reliable aside from the build synergy. You might be tempted to use the Hunting Pistol and go all in, but remember: you are never running out of ammo in your long gun. If you swap to your handgun, it is because it provides something your long gun does not. I like the Hive Cannon, but the Revolver is also a solid choice.

This build puts out great damage at both long and close range, and is very forgiving; you can use pretty much any weapon that meets the criteria, and almost all rings and amulets are good. For my money, though, the quick breakdown.

Single Shot Items:

  • Long Gun: Devastator or Sporebloom
  • Handgun: Your Preference (Hive Cannon for me)
  • Melee weapon: Riven
  • Head Armor: Bandit Mask
  • Chest Armor: Bandit Jacket
  • Leg Armor: Bandit Trousers
  • Amulet: Gunslinger’s Charm
  • Ring 1: Hunter’s Halo
  • Ring 2: Braided Thorn or Mother’s Ring (depending on if you need more damage or survivability in the current situation).
  • Mods: Locked by suggested weapons to Skewer and Hive Shot.
  • Key Traits: Quick Hands, Executioner, Kingslayer, Catalyst, Mind’s Eye
  • Akari Builds: Mod God and Switch Hitter

The Akari Set was already tempting pre-buff, but after Thursday’s patch, it started to shine. If you don’t mind living on the edge and needing a backup plan for bosses that can’t be effectively melee attacked (like Ixiliss), this build goes fast and furious.

Your choice of melee weapon is the biggest decision you’re making here, but thankfully there are a ton of good options. For my money the two you can get on Yaesha from the same boss are best: the Guardian Axe or Scar of the Jungle God, depending on your playstyle focus.

The former hedges your bets a bit better and lets you do more fancy tricks by giving you massive Mod power generation, while the latter is simply a massively damaging melee weapon with a brutal DoT effect. Plus, it looks cool.

I suggest you start your character as a Scrapper for this build, or any melee build, as Warrior (the melee damage Trait) can be a pain to get if you don’t start with it, whereas Spirit and Shadow Walker are a bit easier.

You want reliable ranged weapons that can get you out of a pinch with this kind of all-in, risk/reward style build.

For the Guardian Axe, consider focusing on high utility mods and weapons that have or can support them, and make sure those weapons are reliable and easy to handle quickly. The Blink token makes a stellar engage and disengage tool, particularly paired to a weapon that can make good use of that engage ability like the humble Shotgun or the Magnum Revolver. Yeah, they’re not fancy, but your focus is on the Mods and melee, not the ranged weapons.

For the claws, your options open a bit, but the same philosophy is there: good, reliable weapons. Sporebloom is again a good option, along with weapons like the Particle Accelerator which are great for a “switch hitter” playstyle where you soften enemies from afar then engage in melee while advancing. Another bonus to the Particle Accelerator is that Gravity Core is excellent for grouping enemies to sweep through with your melee and to watch them bleed to death while helpless.

Mod God Items:

  • Long Gun: Shotgun, Coach Gun, or Ruin
  • Handgun: Magnum Revolver, or any specific boss weapon for preferred Mod
  • Melee Weapon: Guardian Axe
  • Head Armor: Akari Mask
  • Chest Armor: Akari Garb
  • Leg Armor: Akari Leggings
  • Amulet: Butcher’s Fetish
  • Ring 1: Leech Ember
  • Ring 2: Root Circlet
  • Key Traits: Warrior, Spirit, Executioner, Kingslayer, Arcane strike, Rapid Strike, Swiftness
  • Mods: Blink Token, Flicker Cloak, Mantle of Thorns, Undying (Ruin only)

Switch Hitter Items:

  • Long Gun: Sporebloom, Particle Accelerator, Ruin
  • Handgun: Magnum Revolver, Defiler
  • Melee Weapon: Scar of the Jungle God
  • Head Armor: Akari Mask
  • Chest Armor: Akari Garb
  • Leg Armor: Akari Leggings
  • Amulet: Butcher’s fetish
  • Ring 1: Leech Ember
  • Ring 2: Hunter’s Halo
  • Key Traits: Warrior, Spirit, Executioner, Kingslayer, Arcane strike, Rapid Strike, Swiftness
  • Mods: Undying (Ruin only), Flicker Cloak, Breath of the Desert, Gravity Core (Particle Accelerator only)


This one is pretty straightforward: you want minions to do your dirty work.

Your options are limited, but not entirely without choices, and Mods are your biggest focus. The minion summoning mods are Rattle Weed, Seed Caller, Beckon, and Iron sentinel.

This build aims to make use of the Soul Anchor item to increase the number of your summons.

Mod generation is key for this build, so the Cultist set is excellent for this. The weapons you use are entirely up to personal preference, but keep in mind that not all weapons allow their mods to be changed.

I like the Sniper Rifle and Submachine gun for this. Both allow your choice of mods (of the summonable creatures I suggest Iron Sentinel, with Beckon as a close second), and both build mod power very quickly and have a solid crit rate.

Summoner Items:

  • Long Gun: Sniper Rifle
  • Handgun: Submachine Gun, Magnum Revolver
  • Melee Weapon: Guardian Axe
  • Head Armor: Cultist Hat
  • Chest Armor: Cultist Duster
  • Leg Armor: Cultist Britches
  • Amulet: Soul Anchor
  • Ring 1: Heartseeker
  • Ring 2: Braided Thorns
  • Key Traits: Spirit, Executioner, Kingslayer, Quick Hands, Trigger Happy, Handling
  • Mods: Iron Sentinel and Beckon or Rattle Weed depending on the situation.


Our final build for today: the support main. There’s a surprising amount of support for the Support build for a game with only three players, but it’s welcome to see it. You get a lot of neat tools with this build, and most of what makes it what it is are the Traits you max and your Mods rather than the weapons or armor you use.

Your main goal is to say alive, pick up any allies that drop, and buff them whenever possible. For that reason, the Elder Set and twisted Set are probably best, but you could justify pretty much anything; this is a flexible build.

For full Support time, though, the new and improved Elder Set is key. Combined with the Cleansing Jewel, you will heal all nearby allies for your entire Dragon Heart amount and cleanse them of all status effects; common and deadly from even early stages of the game.

Combined with support mods like Storm of Swords, you stay alive and become a sort of mobile command point for your allies, which is a legitimately fun playstyle.

Due to the range limitations, you want to stay at a relatively neutral distance; not too far and not too close. Perfect for weapons like the Hunting Rifle and Coach Gun.

  • Long Gun: Hunting Rifle, Coach Gun, Ruin (just in case)
  • Handgun: Magnum Revolver, Hunting Pistol
  • Melee Weapon: Guardian Axe or Riven
  • Head Armor: Elder Headress
  • Chest Armor: Elder Raiment
  • Leg Armor: Elder Leggings
  • Amulet: Cleansing jewel
  • Ring 1: Celerity Stone
  • Ring 2: Heartseeker
  • Key Traits: Spirit, Executioner, Kingslayer, Triage, Glutton, Revivalist
  • Mods: Song of Swords, Corrosive Aura, Veil of the Black Tear, Howler’s Immunity, Undying (Ruin only)

There are, of course, more builds out there than can be counted, and all work pretty well, but these few have never gone wrong for me.

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