The Big Spider-Man PS4 Preview


Game Informer’s Spider-Man coverage has begun and has let us learn a lot of information about the much anticipated PS4 exclusive. First of all, the latest from Insomniac Games is releasing this September, which is very close yet, in multiple editions which will even allow us to grab an extra set of additional content with further villains and stories to be told.

Spider-Man PS4: The Big Preview Answering All Your Questions

Thanks to the coverage, we’ve been able to set aside some of the most interesting tidbits about the game and its different aspects, preparing a big Spider-Man PS4 preview with all the content you need to know about the title before it gets even closer. The details include the world, the Story, the Suit and, of course, the gameplay of the upcoming action adventurer.

The Big Spider-Man PS4 Preview


Insomniac Games has apparently put a lot of care and effort into building a believable and breathing world for our Spider-Man to explore. One interesting piece of information is that this game’s New York City will be a living part of the Marvel Universe, meaning that buildings like the Stark Tower and the Wakandan Embassy will be fully depicted in it. On top of this, it’s nice to learn that our character will have a bold and open relationship with the citizens of NYC; we’ll be able to interact with them, take selfies, high fives, finger guns, and even interrupt a basket ball game and shoot the ball with our web. Lots of details have been depicted too, like squirrels and rooftops parties that we can crash in and interact with. We won’t be able to hurt civilians, as the fight prompts will be replaced by an interaction button each time we’ll meet them, but we’ll be given the freedom to get near a crime without engaging. The street will tentatively be as populated as Grand Theft Auto V’s and the devs have managed to achieve a low pop-in while spideying across them.

preview-concept-art-1 preview-concept-art-2


While we don’t have any particularly spoilerific information about the story itself, we’ve been given a lot of context as for when the game starts and when it is set. As it was already known, Spider-Man kicks off with a more mature Peter Parker, who’s been a superhero for a while now and has a great understanding of how these things work. The title will have a lot of focus on Peter Parker rather than simply playing with Spider-Man. He’s a rookie scientist when the game begins, and in his shelter, he can walk around interacting with various items speaking to characters. Those moments, we’re told, are similar to those in Uncharted where you slowly walk your way while in the location all the other people do their own business. He knows Harry and, while Aunt Mary works at a shelter run by Mr. Negative, Mary Jane and he have split around 6 months ago and reunite to work together against a new menace in the city.

peter-parker-screenshot-2 peter-parker-screenshot

Fisk is the first villain we’ll need to take down, while for other characters Insomniac Games didn’t want to provide more details (of Venom, they said he’s “a cool character”). Spider-Man is said to be a quite smart guy, full of quips and humor, and we’ll probably get to know him better too during his missions.


Spider-Man’s suit is a huge part in the game, and Insomniac Games has started to provide us with the first details about it and about the way it works. Interestingly, the suit with the white logo we’ve been shown thus far won’t be unlocked until a later part in the story, with the white logo carrying a specific meaning we still know nothing about. At the beginning of the adventure, we’ll have the traditional suit equipped, and each color will carry a different meaning and utility across the game. Blue parts are active material, red is armor, and white is still unknown as a material but we know it will serve as a protective substance.

suit-image-2 suit-image-3

The suit is designed specifically for the game and its story and is said to have been put a lot of care into it, considering that for example knuckles are covered with a specific material which is different from all the rest, etc. The current build of the title, which has been played by Game Informer, has over 21 costumes, but the final is said to be targeting a much higher amount. Some of them will have unique abilities, while in most of the cases the unlocks will pass from a suit to another depending on which you are using. Each suit will be showcased properly in cut-scenes (and this means cut-scenes are run in real time).


Open world games’ quality is in most cases defined by what they allow you to do outside of the main story, and apparently, Spider-Man is carrying a lot of side activities which will make very fun to explore the game’s interpretation of New York City.

There will be plenty activities we’ll be able to complete as soon as we’ll take a break from the main story, such as taking photos of some golden cats that are strewn about by Black Cat or taking down outposts that are run by Kingpin. The story with Shocker that we’ve seen in the latest trailer is said to be from a side mission, which clearly gives us an idea about the level of quality achieved in this aspect as well, and not only in the main storyline, by Insomniac Games.

Another activity features bombs that have been placed all over the city by Taskmaster and need to be defused, but also random crimes happen, with car chases all around the place and robberies where we’ll actually get to go into interiors. Completing this stuff will earn us crafting components, and doing bonus objectives in them will give us even more materials.

The leveling system will allow us to grab experience points for doing several tasks like finding landmarks, doing combat and exploration; among the upgrades there will be things that will make us swing and launch faster, having an impact on the traversal.

gameplay-screenshot-1 gameplay-screenshot-6 gameplay-screenshot-5 gameplay-screenshot-4

A number of gadgets, which will recall a lot of Batman Arkham for those of you who have played Rocksteady’s titles, will also be in place and include the tripwire that we’ve already seen, web bombs to incapacitate groups of enemies at once and Spider Drone that shoots webs of its own.

So, that’s it: thus far, this is all the information we’ve been able to gather, which is definitely a lot and very, very interesting. From the looks of it, even though we need to wait a bit more and see something more concrete in terms of gameplay videos, it’s going to be a huge Spider-Man game, and one of the most appreciable ever released.

Hopefully, Insomniac Games can get the best out of the Sunset Overdrive experience – which we loved – and put all of it into Spider-Man to make it their best game. In the wait to learning more, the appointment is already fixed at September 7, 2018.