The best Nintendo Switch Fitness games

Get your body moving and your heartbeat up with these great fitness games.

Character with fiery hair surrounded by a ring, using a ring to defeat an enemy with the Ring Fit Adventure logo in the left.

Nintendo is one of the biggest proponents of getting its players to move around while playing their games. Even before the days of the Wii, they were looking into ways that gamers could enjoy video games while exercising. That dedication to exercise has lived on with the Nintendo Switch, one of the most flexible consoles of all time when it comes to its utilities. Here are the best fitness games you get on your Nintendo Switch.

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure

If you are looking to get a proper workout while playing a game, there is no better option than Ring Fit Adventure. This game has you set one of the joy-cons into a plastic ring you hold with both hands, and the other into a strap that wraps around your left thigh. The joy-cons track your movement as you do a variety of workouts to progress through the RPG campaign and other modes that keep track of the work you have done.

The tracking is accurate and does its best to make working out fun. It is a little more expensive because of the extra parts you need to play, but completely worth the investment if you are looking to stay on a regular workout routine.

Jump Rope Challenge


Jump Rope Challenge is a free download available on the Switch eShop. It was put together by Nintendo employees looking to stay active while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a simple game that has you skip an invisible jump rope while swinging your joy-cons.

You can’t beat something for free, so if you need something to give you a quick burst of movement, Jump Rope Challenge is an easy, simple workout that gets the job done.

Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing takes the joy-cons movement and has you punch and squat to songs, making this a rhythm-action game. Two different speed modes work out your entire body and allow you to customize your workout. There is even a two-player mode, so your exercise does not need to be done alone. Either work together through the same routine or face off in a boxing match against each other. Fitness Boxing is a flexible game for working out and gives you many options to conduct the exercise you need.

Zumba Burn It Up

Zumba has blown up across the world as a popular way for people to workout by dancing to their favorite songs. The group dancing workout has made its way to the Switch with Burn It Up, a game that burns calories while dancing to songs from Cardi B, Ciara, and more. You get to pick the intensity of your workouts with new and classic routines that have been fine-tuned from around the world.

Just Dance 2020

You cannot discuss dancing games with mentioning Ubisoft’s iconic Just Dance series. 40 songs are included with the game this time, but purchasing the game gives you a month free trial to Just Dance Unlimited, a library of over 500 songs to dance to. You can make custom playlists and party with friends as you all dance for the highest scores possible to your favorite songs. The 2020 version of Just Dance doesn’t do anything new really but has been a consistent fun way to get your body moving over the past decade.

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