The 10 best Fortnite emotes and dances

The best ways to BM.

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Fortnite is filled with emotes and dances. They can be used to celebrate with your teammates or BM on your opponents. You can even break them out to celebrate the various events and concerts that Fortnite will host. While lists like this are obviously subjective, we thought it would be fun to list the best emotes and dances in the game.

#10 Wiggle

Wiggle is the perfect emote because it is pretty ridiculous, and makes the perfect BM emote when you drop someone who thought they were going to get the better of you in a gunfight. You can get Wiggle in the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks, as long as it comes up in the shop rotation.

#9 The Worm

Unlike Wiggle, you cannot get The Worm any more. It was a part of the Season 2 Battle Pass. The worm makes the list for two reasons. One is rarity. If someone drops The Worm on you then you know they have been playing for a while. The second reason is that animation is janky as hell, and it looks ridiculous, which also makes it look fantastic.

#8 Default Dance

While it is hardly the most exciting dance, it is a reference to a fantastic episode of Scrubs. It is also important because this the first dance that every new player in the game will do. The very first time you celebrate something in the game, it will probably be with this, which makes it a fantastic part of the game’s history.

#7 Mecha Team Leader

Mecha Team Leader has a built-in emote, exclusive to the skin, that slows down time while unleashing a vicious uppercut.

#6 Orange Justice

Orange Justice is a testament to people power, having been put in the game after players rallied behind a young member of the community who wore an orange shirt while submitting his entry.

#5 Infinite Dab

People either love or hate the Dab, and the Dab emote in Fortnite. No matter how they feel about it, the Infinity Dab simply multiplies any reaction you get to it.

#4 Electro Shuffle

Electro Shuffle is some legitimately slick dancing, showing off fancy footwork and style.

#3 Best Mates

The Best Mates dance, drawn from a video by Youtuber Marlon Webb, is especially funny if you are playing in Duos or Squads with friends who also have it. This dance was absolutely everywhere for a while, so it is not surprising it ended up in Fortnite.

#2 Floss

Another emote that is strictly for the Veterans, Floss was also part of the Season 2 Battle Pass. It is just as annoying as the kid who claims to have created it, which makes it perfect.

#1 Tidy

This Snoop Dogg dance has probably been used in a million Youtube videos, but it is still a classic, and a part of meme history.