Wave Of Super Mario Games Leaves Me Wondering, “Where Is Odyssey 2?”

Super Mario has been more prolific than ever with several games on the horizon, but I can’t help but wonder about Mario Odyssey 2.

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It’s a really good time to be a Super Mario fan. We have four Mario games heading to the Switch within the next year, two of which will be here in less than a month, and even a Princess Peach spinoff. Not to mention, these games include fully-fledged remakes of two of Mario’s most beloved adventures: Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Super Mario Wonder, a groundbreaking 2D Platformer with a Metacritic score rivaling some of 2023’s best titles yet. With the wave of releases and announcements, you’d think Mario was turning 35 all over again. Yet, with a buffet of endless Mario content, I can’t help but wonder where a certain adventure lies.

We are coming up on six years since the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario’s most recent 3D Platforming adventure, if you aren’t counting Bowser’s Fury. And since then, Nintendo has released 17 installments and spin-offs related to the mustachioed plumber. Mario fans are eating good. But with each release and announcement, I can’t stop wondering, “Where is Super Mario Odyssey 2?”

Too Much & Not Enough, All At Once

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “No news is good news.” We cope with the lack of Odyssey info by telling ourselves Nintendo must be so hard at work developing the sequel that they can’t spare a second to tell us about the upcoming project. This logic might work if the floodgates hadn’t remained open for the past six years.

Mario fans have received virtually zero hints as to when the next 3D Mario game will come about while also given an unending amount of info regarding other Mario projects—a handful of remakes here, a dash of Rabbids there, and several ports and sports titles.

It’s marginally concerning, as we were at least given a confirmation of development for Tears of the Kingdom. Mind you, it was delayed a few times, but Zelda fans could rest easy knowing the next mainline game was on its way.

The same can’t be said for Mario.

Mario’s 7-Year Itch & The Ever-Expanding Gap

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As previously stated, it’s been six years since Mario Odyssey was released on Nintendo Switch. Since then, the Switch has received three ports of beloved 3D Mario games (ones you can no longer purchase) and a small tech-demo-esque adventure in the form of Bowser’s Fury.

“But Zack, didn’t you just say 17 Mario games were released over the last six years?” I hear you ask, and yes, I did. But as far as 3D Mario games, we’ve received next to nothing.

Six years may not seem like too awfully long. In fact, there was a six-year gap between BOTW and TOTK and a seven-year gap between Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Odyssey. But we’ve not even seen or heard anything regarding Odyssey 2. What players are wanting – myself included – is a sequel to Mario Odyssey, and the development timeline doesn’t seem to add up.

Mario Odyssey and its presumed sequel would likely run on the same engine, similar to Galaxy 1 & 2. And there was only a three-year gap between those titles. Heck, there was only a five-year gap between Mario Sunshine and Galaxy 1. But we’re about to cross the six-year mark with a catalog of Mario games ahead, and there just doesn’t seem to be room for an entire 3D Mario game before the next console.

The gap between Mario Odyssey and another 3D Mario is growing wider than that of BOTW and TOTK. The only difference is that this gap is harrowing, as there’s no news of a sequel in sight.

Am I Just Being A Grumpy Goomba?

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I know I can come off as whiny or spoiled, especially when looking at the arsenal of quality Mario games released over the past few years. Dudley Dursley’s Christmas present tantrum rings through my head. “One 3D Mario? But last console, last console, I had two!”

But this anxiety comes from a genuine love of Mario games—3D platformers as a whole really, and 3D Mario games are among my favorite of all time. They are genuine masterpieces from top to bottom, and I can’t think of a single one I’d give less than a 10.

Mario, as a character, is a pretty boring guy, but Nintendo has perfected fun. From Mario 64 to Paper Mario to New Super Mario Bros., these games are undeniably at the top of their class, and they enrapture me with nostalgia-spangled enjoyment every time.

So, it’s a shame when we go so long without a 3D Mario game. I also think Mario Odyssey could benefit from a sequel, and Nintendo could get creative with the enemies you can take control of. Or even just give us a bunch of new worlds to explore with the same set of enemies.

This could all be in the works already – we just don’t know. That said, with all of the hype for Mario remakes and new mainline additions, I just want to know if 3D Mario is alright. I need to know that he is still alive, doing well, and we’ll hear from him soon.