What Makes The Metro Games Special


With the release of Metro Exodus, some gamers may be intrigued by the Russian themed first person apocalyptic shooter. But while the Metro series is generally well regarded by most critics and players, the series isn’t exactly a household named. Regardless, here are a few reasons why the Metro series deserves your attention.

4 Reasons Why The Metro Games Are Special

More Than Russian Fallout

At first glance, the Metro franchise may seem like a Russian take on the critically acclaimed Fallout series. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as the series has carved its unique niche within the genre. Yes, the series is another franchise that uses the backdrop of post-nuclear war, but the setting and tone of the series are entirely original. The concept is living proof that a change of perspective along with a few good ideas can go a long way.

Mother Russia

So what is that perspective that I’m talking about? Well in a gaming industry where Russia is more or less viewed as the bad guys, the Metro series allows players to simulate the consequences of nuclear war through the eyes of a Russian protagonist. As the title suggests, the majority of the games have been claustrophobic experiences that take place within Russian metro stations. Humanity is forced to huddle together underground while scrounging for resources. The effects of nuclear war have not only made the air above ground toxic but also brought about deadly creatures. Some threats are grotesque mutants while others are seemingly paranormal.

Life In The Metro

So with all of that buildup, I bet you’re wondering how this unique version of the apocalypse plays precisely. Well, despite the game offering players huge weapon customization along with gunplay that’s been refined with each entry, the game doesn’t correctly learn towards a bombastic style of play. The original entry, Metro 2033, definitely was more grounded in first person survival horror while the sequel, Metro Last Light, allowed for players to utilize a mix of stealth and action. The gameplay loop is that players will either be searching high and low for resources, exploring the many settlements of the metro, nearly avoiding the sightlines of enemies, or fighting for their lives against creatures from the unknown. The franchise is one that allows for players to tackle situations with blunt force or by using stealth, but smart players will be mindful of their resources.

Not only did the first two entries of the game limit the player’s ammunition but there were premium bullets that also acted as currency within the metro. So as you can imagine, players could do twice the damage by using these premium bullets, but they would be shooting their money away in exchange for making it to the next checkpoint. The decision of when and where to use resources such as a gas mask, healing items, and other tactical gadgets was always on the mind of players. Comparing the game to a more traditional survival horror game wouldn’t be far off thanks to the overwhelming amount of resource management.

Heart Of The Metro

The original Metro 2033 may seem rough by today’s standards, but what the series has always excelled at was having a great atmosphere. The world of the Metro is depressing yet alluring. No matter how many human atrocities and horrors that the player faces, the sense of wonderment remains. You want to explore the ravaged tunnels and irradiated land above despite everything wanting to kill you. While Artyom, the main protagonist, suffers from the videogame affliction of being mute, you’re still invested in the story of the characters within the world and feel apart of their desperate struggle for survival.

While the latest game, Metro Exodus, seems to be embracing a more open world approach, the game appears to retain the same atmosphere and design that gamers fell in love with. For those of you curious too about the series, you can purchase the Metro Redux collection which features both games for one great price!