Why Mortal Kombat Needs A Dating Sim

Behind all the blood and gore of the Mortal Kombat series, there’s a potential love story brewing. Here’s why the series needs a new spinoff.

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There seems to be a trend around the gaming world where popular franchises explore different demographics with spinoff titles. It’s no secret that the market for visual novels and dating sims is gaining steam, with gamers looking for a more meaningful way to connect with their favorite characters. While most would dismiss this as silly fanservice, there’s no doubt the team over at NetherRealm Studios would profit from a potential Mortal Kombat dating sim spinoff. It’s only a matter of how far they’re willing to go with it, and judging from the controversial introduction of the series back in the day, that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

In fact, with the new multiverse coming together, there’s a way to handle it without messing up the main continuity. Imagine a universe where the bad guys are friendlier, and the heroes are now busy with their boring everyday lives. Locations like Earthrealm, Edenia, Chaosrealm, Orderrealm, and Outworld are still present. Still, instead of overcoming a conflict that eventually leads to an outright war, the characters are now contained in their own little mini-story that doesn’t involve too much fighting. Of course, as we dive into the dating sim cesspool, keep in mind that the content won’t have to delve too far into certain adult content. I mean, Mortal Kombat is known for its M-rated content, but I don’t want to permanently scar you mentally by going down that road, especially with certain characters.

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What Would The Gameplay Be Like?

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Picture the popular RPG series Persona 4, particularly its fighting game spinoff Persona 4 Arena. Notice that the gameplay is similar to that of a traditional 2D fighting game. That’s what the theoretical gameplay would look like, 2D and all, except the gameplay would fit more with the Mortal Kombat style than the simplified Blazblue mechanics that the P4A developers utilized. Coincidentally, the combos in both series are quite similar in many ways, as most of them are pretty easy to pull off for non-sweaty gamers looking to progress the story.

As for the story portion, it’ll feature the tried-and-true visual novel style that the genre is most known for. You’d play as a faceless nobody, male, female, or otherwise, who’s plopped right into the Mortal Kombat universe. It’ll be “interesting” to see the characters in 2D form, but the art style would reflect a more Western style, not the anime-ish ones that are usually present. Everyone from the series will be fully voiced, while the branching dialogue for your character is narrated by the iconic “Fight” voice announcer.

Uh-Huh, So What About The Story Progression?

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Still with me? Good, so the storytelling and progression will resemble the usual patterns you would see in a title of this nature. You’ll be met with a short, animated intro, then thrown right into a point-and-click hub afterward, where you can freely visit popular and romantic locations like the Living Forests, Flesh Pits, and Goro’s Lair. In these areas, you can romance any present character; just watch out for the flesh pits; they’re known to be a bit crowded. Also, classic musical themes would play in each area, many of which longtime fans may be familiar with.

The actual story itself is pretty much character-dependent, and each person brings their own personal drama to the table. For example, those interested in Scorpion will have to put up with his moaning about the loss of his clan and former spouse. Eventually, you’ll help him overcome his past demons, ending with a short fight and a powerful “Lovetality.” Every love interest has their own personal drama that they must overcome, and finishing up a storyline will unlock a unique Lovetality based on the final romance score, which you can improve by picking the right options during dialogue choices.

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It’s only a matter of time before the Dating Sim virus creeps into the Mortal Kombat universe. If it can sink its hooks into franchises like Dead by Daylight and Cthulu, then there’s really no hope that a popular ultraviolent franchise like this can avoid a similar fate. I mean, who can resist a chance at romancing Mileena Waifu, especially when it comes to her legion of superfans like myself? Doesn’t this pique your interest? It’d be a great chance for you to “test your love” for your favorite characters.