Here’s Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Into World of Warcraft Classic


World of Warcraft Classic‘s popularity is an interesting phenomenon. The game is well over a decade old, but people were, and are, clamoring to go back to it. There are a variety of reasons for this — nostalgia, curiosity, genuine feeling that the game was better back in the day, and more.

Whatever the reason, people flooded the game back when it first released, to the point that it was frankly nearly unplayable. Waits of three or more hours to log in weren’t uncommon, and when you did get in, you’d often hit the bottleneck of some quest unique NPC to kill that ended up with literal queues of people lined up to complete it (which took forever). After a while, civic order collapsed, and it became a mad free for all to see who could do it first, leaving most people waiting even longer.

Now Is The Best Time To Get Into World of Warcraft Classic

Now, however, almost two weeks after release, the rush in the early zones is nearly gone. However, that’s not to say the game is dead there. No, instead the insane overcrowding has died down to fairly standard MMO population density.

This means now is the perfect time to get in. I was pushed out of the game in the first week with my original character, a Troll Shaman. I started a new character (pictured in the thumbnail) a few days later and was surprised at how much smoother everything was. I leveled up beyond my first character in a fraction of the time just playing a couple of hours per day, and always had things to do: and a surprising number of people doing it with me.

The current state of WoW Classic feels more like what I would have expected of the game at its peak. Not everyone is at endgame or piddling around with a constant stream of alts while waiting for the next patch. People are just playing the game; the speedrunners and power levelers have shot ahead, leaving the people willing to play at a slower pace and help each other out, forming impromptu parties to finish quests or casting helpful buffs on random passerby merely because they can.

It’s an excellent atmosphere at the moment: but I don’t think it will last too long. WoW Classic kind of has a limited shelf life and most likely won’t be bringing in vast influxes of new players over time.

Which is why if you’re thinking of ever getting into it, even if to see what the game is like, now is the time. Within the next month, even week or two, the starting zones will likely be relatively barren, and you’ll have missed out on an exciting experience.