Where To Find The Barber And How To Change Your Haircut in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Barber Location

Having the perfect haircut is one of the most relevant things in role-playing games and Fallout 4 doesn't represent an exception. Most importantly, after you complete your character's customization, you might be willing to change at least a bit your appearance in the game: we're here to tell you how to do in that specific case.

Fallout 4 Barber Location

Go to the barber at Diamond City: he's name is John, he will serve you at the cost of 15 caps, and even more interestingly he can provide you with haircuts you weren't able to select in the main editor at the start of the game – we would call them secret haircuts. His shop is right at the main entrance of Diamond City: head to the left and you will find him for sure. Don't forget you can access facial hair options and general color, too, if you want.

There is another barber in Vault 81 named horatio. To gain access to Vault 81 you need 3 fusion cores.


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