Fallout 4 – Assault Rifle Specs & Uses

The coveted weapon is a little different in Fallout 4.

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Survival in the barren, post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout 4 depends on having access to solid and adaptable weapons. One recognizable weapon that stands out among the variety of weapons players can use is the Assault Rifle. The weapon has made an enduring impression on the game’s mythology and the hearts of players by fusing antiquated design with futuristic capabilities. Needless to say, many Fallout 4 enthusiasts would be interested in finding out more about the fan-favourite weapon. Here is everything that you need to know about the Assault Rifle in Fallout 4.

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What is the Assault Rifle in Fallout 4

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The Fallout 4 Assault Rifle features a striking appearance that perfectly encapsulates the game’s alternate future inspired by the 1950s. The weapon combines rustic appeal and commercial functionality with a rugged wooden stock and a strong metal receiver. The rifle’s functional features—a carrying handle on top and adjustable iron sights—are further highlighted, and a broad handguard offers a secure grip during stressful firefights.

The Fallout 4 Assault Rifle stands out for its unmatched customizability options. Players can change different firearm components to suit their desired combat style. Every component of the weapon, including the receiver, barrel, stock, sights, and muzzle attachments, can be adjusted for optimum performance.

Furthermore, longer barrels and improved sights are options for those who like long-range precision because they increase accuracy and range. On the other hand, people who enjoy close quarters may opt for a stock that improves maneuverability and enables quick reactions in confined places. Players can also lessen recoil and enhance overall control thanks to the various muzzle attachments.

Despite being fairly versatile, Fallout 4’s Assault Riffle is nothing like the same weapon in any other game. It’s bulky, large in size, and can be hard to carry around. In fact, at first glance, the gun resembles more of an LMG than an Assault Rifle. Although we do not have any word from the developers as to why this is the case, there are some parallels we can draw from the in-game lore.

Through the lore, we know that every Commonwealth state of the U.S. had to employ their own guards in order to defend their territory. However, the Massachusetts colony might have been under less pressure than Washington for obvious reasons. This may be the reason why the pre-war governor had less money and less motivation to fight against Chinese infiltration and civil unrest because the land was not a key target. Hence, the guards in the area might be using a cheaper version of the Assault Rifle or just a modified version of the previously existing LMG. That said, this is just speculation, and many more theories are floating on the internet regarding Assault Rifles in Fallout 4.

Assault Rifle Stats in Fallout 4

The Assault Rifle requires 5.56mm ammo, so you’ll want to make sure that you have enough of a supply to use this high-powered weapon. For its base stats, you’ll find that the Assault Rifle has 30 damage, an ammo capacity of 30 rounds, and a weight value of 8. These stats can vary depending on what type of modifications you make to the weapon with various components.

How to Craft the Assault Rifle in Fallout 4

To craft the Assault Rifle in Fallout 4 you’ll need a selection of components, and a Weapon Forge to make one. Here are the components required to use in the Weapon Forge.

  • Adhesive x8
  • Gear x1
  • Oil x2
  • Screw x18
  • Spring x5
  • Steel x19