Amazon’s Fallout TV Series: Release Date, Actors & Story

Amazon’s Fallout TV Series is set to be the ultimate cinematic take on Bethesda’s Fallout universe, and it’s coming soon.

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Amazon’s Fallout TV series is set to be one of the biggest shows of 2024. It takes influence from all of the Fallout games, using them as source material, and presents the environments and characters players have known for decades to a new audience.

The TV show is based on the Fallout universe, but its story pages homage to every inch of the post-apocalyptic setting. From the original Fallout to New Vegas and even Fallout 76, everything that’s ever been played in a game will inform parts of the show. This should make for an incredible watching experience for newcomers, but also some fantastic easter eggs and callbacks for long-time fans.

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When is the Release Date for Fallout’s Amazon TV Series?

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Amazon’s Fallout TV Series will debut on Amazon Prime Video on April 12, 2024. It should be included with every Amazon Prime subscription, so users who already have one won’t need to worry about being able to watch it. Anyone who doesn’t currently have an Amazon Prime subscription will need to get one by the show’s release date if they want to be able to watch it.

What is the Story for Amazon’s Fallout TV Series?

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At the time of writing, little is known about the story of Amazon’s Fallout TV series. We’d expect it to follow a lone protagonist, similar to 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead when they first started. Over time, that protagonist will meet more people, and events will unfold around them as they’re drawn into a broader narrative.

This is generally how the stories for each Fallout game have worked, so it’s logical to expect the same from the TV show. A quick look at the IMDB for the show indicates the same, with one actor having a role in 8 episodes and everyone having roles in fewer episodes. Based on the roles these actors have been given, like Robert House, we suspect at least some of the story will follow that of Fallout New Vegas.

Who Are the Actors in Amazon’s Fallout TV Series?

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Many of the actors for Amazon’s Fallout TV Series have been confirmed. We’ve listed all of the actors confirmed to have roles in the show on its IMDB page below.

  • Moises Arias – Norm
  • Johnny Pemberton – Thaddeus
  • Walton Goggins
  • Ella Purnell
  • Kyle MacLachlan
  • Xelia Mendes – Jones
  • Aaron Moten – Maximus
  • Leer Leary – Davey
  • Dave Register – Chet
  • Rodrigo Luzzi – Reg
  • Annabel O’Hagan – Steph
  • Aixa Kendrick – Moldaver’s Elite Guard
  • Cherien Dabis – Birdie
  • Harry Sutton Jr. – Dr. Edmunson
  • Christopher Parker – Sheriff Rex
  • Daniel J. Martin – Dervin
  • Michele Danna – Trader
  • Maria Del Mar Gonzalez – Pregnant Lady
  • Dale Dickey – Ma June
  • Matty Cardarople – Huey
  • Mike Doyle – Mr. Spencer
  • Michael Abbott Jr. – Farmer
  • Rafi Silver – Robert House
  • Alireza Mirmontazeri – Colonel
  • Victorya Danylko -Petrovskaya – Wife
  • Charlie Besso – Tommy
  • Chip Carriere – Nurse Powell
  • Rebecca Watson – Julia Masters
  • Paul Mauriello – Angry Ear
  • Morgen McKynzie – Female Server
  • Mason Cufari – Birthday Boy Roy
  • Cedric Cannon – Elderly Speaker
  • Michael John Benzaia – Weatherman Navarro
  • Anthony Cipriani – Fiend Raider
  • C. Hope Belmont – Vault dweller #1
  • Justin Clarke – Power Armor #5
  • Jace Wade – Raider Leader
  • Elle Vertes – Young Rose Mclean
  • Arlette Aponte – Trader
  • Michael Emerson
  • Sarita Choudhury
  • Leslie Uggams
  • Iván Amaro Bullón – Cemetery Red Neck
  • Jason Latief Anderson – Raider
  • Neil Towne – Alpha Leader
  • Josh Martinez – NU Pilot
  • Shefik – Fiend Raider

Who is the Director for Amazon’s Fallout TV Series?

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Image via IMDB

Amazon’s Fallout TV Series is being developed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Jonathan Nolan is the brother of famous director Christopher Nolan, and the pair have worked closely together on many projects in the past. Amazon’s Fallout TV Series will benefit from Nolan’s years of experience in the industry, which should mean it’ll be a decent video game to television transition.