Every settlement in Fallout 4, and how to unlock them

Conquer them all.

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Settlements are vital to any player’s journey in Fallout 4. These are essentially abandoned spaces that might occasionally be home to different creatures or monsters. Players can do specific tasks to get control over a settlement and make it their own, like any property. Fortunately, there are numerous settlements in the game scattered throughout the map; hence, several places to conquer.

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How to unlock each settlement in Fallout 4

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There are 37 settlements in the game, which are mentioned in the table below.

Settlement LocationHow to conquer
Abernathy farmHelp out the Abernathy family by retrieving a specific locket or kill the Abernathy family
Boston AirportComplete Shadow of Steel quest or eliminate Brotherhood of Steel
Bunker HillInteract with Kessler after finishing The Battle of Bunker Hill quest
The CastleEliminate the Mirelurk queen
Coastal cottageEliminate the only raider in the location
County crossingComplete a Minutemen quest
CovenantSide with Jacob Orden during the Human Error quest or eliminate everyone at Covenant
Croup ManorEliminate the ghouls in the area
Egret Tours MarinaKill Phyllis or confront her about Samue using the personal logs
Finch farmComplete the Out of the Fire quest or eliminate the members of the Finch family
GraygardenComplete the Troubled Waters quest or eliminate the robots in the area
Greentop NurseryComplete a Minutemen quest
Hangman’s AlleyEliminate the raiders in the area
Home PlatePurchase the key from Geneva at the Diamond City Mayor’s Office for 2,000 caps to acquire the area
Jamaica PlainEliminate the ghouls in the area
Kingsport LighthouseEliminate the worshipers of Children of Atom in the area
Murkwater construction siteEliminate the Mirelurks in the area
Nordhagen BeachComplete a Minutemen quest
Oberland stationComplete a Minutemen quest
Outpost ZimonjaEliminate the raiders in the area
Red Rocket truck stopAvailable by default
Sanctuary HillsAvailable by default
The SlogComplete a Minutemen quest
Somerville PlaceComplete a Minutemen quest
Spectacle IslandRestore power to the circuit breaker and eliminate the Mirelurks in the area
Starlight Drive Ineliminate the mole rats in the area
Sunshine Tidings co-opEliminate the ghouls in the area
Taffington boathouseEliminate the bloodbugs in the area
Tenpines BluffComplete a Minutemen quest
Warwick homesteadComplete Building a Better Crop or a Minutemen quest
The Mechanist’s lairComplete Restoring Order quest
Longfellow’s cabinComplete Walk in the Park quest
Dalton farmComplete the second chapter of Cassie Dalton’s quest, Blood Tide
National Park visitor’s centerAccessible after speaking with Uncle Ken in The Hold Out
Echo Lake LumberComplete Turn Back the Fog quest and return to Small Bertha
Vault 88Complete Better Living Underground quest
Nuka-World Red RocketComplete Power Play or Open Season quest and restore Power to the Nuka-World power plant

After you have captured a settlement, you can use the structures and resources inside to build it as desired. You can also put decorations, lights, and furniture to make it aesthetically pleasing. Finally, cultivate crops, establish electricity and water sources, and fulfill the general settlement requirements. This will increase the settlement’s size over time, unlocking different perks.