State Of Decay 2 How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles

Vehicles in State of Decay 2 are like other vehicles in the real world. There is a different type of vehicles, you can also read our State of Decay 2 Vehicle Location guide to find them. Fuel required when fuel tank runs dry and repairing when used too much and damaged. So you need to repair and fuel your vehicles to function in State of Decay 2. There aren't many collections of cars in the game. Keeping your vehicles in a good condition is necessary for survival. This guide will tell you how to repair and refuel your vehicles.

State Of Decay 2 Vehicle Tips Guide

How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles

Your car will get damaged when you run over zombies or even hitting your car accident. If you leave it as it is your vehicle can stop function.

Vehicle repair kits are required for repairing a car. They are found at fuel stations, repair shops and other places along with fuel cans.

Vehicle repairing can be done in front of the vehicle. Vehicles can be repaired when they blow up. Using the vehicle kits for slight damage is of no use. Vehicle kits can also be crafted by a character having knowledge of car mechanics that allows you to create Auto Shop facility, which can then repair broken cars, improve vehicle durability, all this can be done if you can get them back to your home base in time.

Refueling can be done when there are fuel cans in your inventory. By standing at the rear left of the vehicle and pressing the action button. Usually, it is the same spot for most vehicles. Look in different directions to refuel. 
Maintain your vehicles and you will survive in the game longer.

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