Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Crossroads

Connor was able to get Jericho locations in the previous chapter Last Chance, Connor. In this part, you will be controlling all three androids in a common objective. Kara, Markus, and Connor. This is the first time in the game all the three lead characters are in one chapter. Kara arrives with Alice and Luther at Jericho, followed by Connor who leads the police to Jericho. In this part, there is a major twist like Connor can possibly turn into a Deviant and join Markus. Kara knows the reality behind Alice which put her into a shock for a while.

Detroit Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough

Crossroads Walkthrough

You will be controlling Kara, Connor, and Markus in this chapter. Connor will have a chance to turn into a Deviant and join Markus or stay as a machine.

Find Jericho:

After getting out from the car walk towards Rose for the final goodbye. Walk right towards the ship. Inside the ship find a warm place for Alice first and then search for Markus. For warm place walk to the left corner of the ship look for fire.

Find Deviant Leader:

Detroit Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough

As Connor, you will have to locate Markus, walk left the place where Alice is resting, go towards the stairs where you will find a few leg pieces. As Kara walk towards the left of the big screen, and you will find Markus inside a small office. Talk to him. Markus will ask you about Alice, the options you will get is Bond, No Difference, and Secret. Pick Bond. Go down and walk a bit ahead, and you will see an android similar to Alice. This reveals that the girl is also an android not human. Talk to Alice. You will have two choices here Hug or Distant. Pick Hug to continue the story, if you go with the second one then you can trigger Ending 2 Below. If you pick to stay with Alice then the story continues.

Markus and his allies will be into an argument of what to do next. On Josh question, you will have four choices Aggressive, Determined, Righteous and Somber. Go with the second one to show some confidence. The next four options are Angry, Bitter, Remorse and No Regrets. Go with the last one. From the next three options Confrontation, Dialogue and Stay Hiding if you go with the second one then North will lose confidence in you. After Josh leaves the next four options you will see is Sad, Angry, Thoughtful and Bitter. Go with anything. North will tell you about Dirty Bomb, you will have two choices to keep the Detonator or refuse it. If you keep it then in the next chapter when Markus was surrounded by guards during the peaceful demonstration he will have a choice to use a nuclear bomb on humans.

Stop Markus:

Detroit Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough

As Connor you will have to stop Markus, from Reason, Defy, Discourage and Threaten, pick Reason for a conversation. As Connor, you will have to choose from Intimidate and Instructions. Go with second and then as Markus pick I Know You from the next three options. One again picks Convince. As Connor, you can pick Say Nothing, from the next four options. As Markus pick Sow Doubts and then Rally. After this Connor has two choices to Become a Deviant or to Remain a Machine. If you pick the first one you will join Markus. (Become a Deviant won't be unlocked if did not pick Say Nothing).

Escape Jericho:

Detroit Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough

Connor will reveal that Jericho is going to be attacked and a run to escape safely begins. As Kara follow Luther, he will be shot ahead. The gameplay will shift to Markus, pick Message to transmit an exit point message to all androids. Next pick Blow Up Jericho to move ahead. Follow the marker, and you will fall down. As Kara, you have two choices Help Luther or Protect Alice. If you pick the first one then pick Luther and walk away slowly. But if you pick second then Kara will run with Alice and the guards will shoot Luther. For our gameplay, we went with saving Luther. Luther will tell Kara to move ahead without him. Keep running and then hide for a while. There will be a noise on another side, you will have to options Open or Don't Open. If you choose Open then a soldier will shoot an android and you can tackle him by pressing the keys flashing on the screen.

If you had picked Connor to remain as the machine he will be stopped by a Soldier. The four options are Lie, Perkins Exuse, Attack and Run. Pick the Perkin Excuse and the soldier will leave Connor. 

Blow Up Jericho:

Detroit Become Human Crossroads Walkthrough

As Markus, move ahead and sneak from behind the soldiers. You will see two androids on a gunpoint, you can choose to Intervene or Don't Intervene. Pick the first one and fight with the soldiers. Ahead there will be two more soldiers and you have a 10 second time to pick the attack. Walk further and you will see two more androids in danger, on your right pull out the red pipe to save them. Keep moving and you will see Josh begin attacked, you can choose to Intervene or Hide. Pick the first to save him. As Kara pick Play Dead to save Alice. When the soldiers approach choose Don't Move. The soldiers will pass away.

If Connor is alive, then he will try to stop Markus from blowing away Jericho. In the right, Markus will pick up the gun and shoot Connor. 

Ending 1 - Connor Escaped With Jericho's People

As Markus, once you reach the base of Jericho, few soldiers will stop you. Attack him and activate the bomb to blow Jericho. Follow North, she will be shot, you have to choose between Save North or Run. Pick the first option to help her. You have to pick up the metal sheet from the ground and use it to guard North against bullets. Connor will be in the picture, you have to kill a few guards. But if you had killed Connor before then you have to escape on your own.

Ending 2 - Kara Abandons Alice

At Jericho when Kara founds that Alice is an android, she has two choices. Hug and Distant, if Kara picks Distant then Alice will walk away. After Jericho is attacked Kara again has two choices, Look for Alice or Save Yourself. If you pick the second one Kara will leave Alice and walk away.

Ending 3 - Agent Perkins Kill Markus

While running with North she fells down and as Markus, if you choose to help her you will have to fight a few soldiers. If you fail to press the flashing keys on the screen then others will escape while Markus will be left behind and Agent Perkins will shoot him.

Ending 4 - Kara And Alice Dies

While running from the soldiers, if you did not hit the X key then the soldier will shoot Kara. You will have options Getup, Attack, Surrender and Play Dead. The first three is suicide. 

Ending 5 - Alice Dies first & Then Kara

While running you will have option Play Dead, Run and Surrender. If you pick Play Dead then the soldier will slowly approach, and there will two more options. Defend Alice and Don't Move. If you pick the first one then the guard shoot both. In a tragic cutscene you will see Kara tries to save Alice, but slowly both die. 

With the blast, the chapter Crossroads is over. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter Night of the Soul or you can also read our Detroit Become Human Wiki guide for more updates on the game.

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