Every NES Game on Nintendo Switch, and Release Dates


The Nintendo Switch does not have the Virtual Console which let fans play classic games on recent Nintendo Systems. While that's a drag Nintendo, has cut a deal of sorts. Instead of re-purchasing yesteryear hits, the Switch is about to introduce a host of new features as part of its upcoming Nintendo Switch online subscription service, including free access to retro games.

Not unlike PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, the Nintendo Switch will give its online subscribers access to free games. Unlike those subscription programs, Switch users will get to pick and choose from a growing library of classics, all of which are NES titles at the time of this writing.

There will be 20 games included in the NES library at launch, with more added each month. Here are all the confirmed games subscribers can expect to enjoy.

At a glance

Launch date Games added
Available at launch Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Soccer, Tennis, Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Dr. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, Double Dragon, River City Ransom, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Tecmo Bowl, Gradius, Pro Wrestling, Excitebike, Yoshi, Ice Hockey, Baseball
Available in October NES Open Tournament Golf, Super Dodge Ball, Solomon's Key
Available in November Metroid, TwinBee, Mighty Bomb Jack
Available in December Wario's Woods, The Adventure of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden


Available at launch

Donkey Kong

The classic arcade game that started it all is hitting the Nintendo Switch for the first time. Bound barrels and scale girders to save Pauline from a Gorilla with a tie rack.

Super Mario Bros.

One of Nintendo's most well known creations, Super Mario Bros. was the godfather of the platformer, providing an adequate amount of levels and secrets to discover.


Before the days of FIFA, there were 8-bit men running across a pitch in an empty stadium. There is no club teams here like Manchester United, so expect to play as your favorite country instead, assuming your favorite country isn't the Netherlands, Korea or Germany.


This isn't no Mario Tennis Aces, but you will get a classic game of Tennis in singles or doubles formats. Consider it more of a step up from Pong.

Mario Bros.

Test your skill either by yourself or with a friend to see how long you can last in this sewer survival. Hit enemies underneath to make them vulnerable to attack and rack up the highest score.

Balloon Fight

In Satoru Iwata's classic Balloon Fight, the rules are simple: Take to the skies to pop your opponent's balloons. It all sounds fun and fancy free, until you see your rival eaten alive by a fish.

Ice Climber

A game to test your patience and perseverance. Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the mountain or will you slip and slide to your doom?

Dr. Mario

A simple but frantic puzzle game that relies on you clearing out a bunch of viruses in a test-tube. Hope you have insurance.

The Legend of Zelda

Before ocarinas and magical iPads, all you had in the dangerous world was a sword. You better take it.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario's last hop and bop towards the Super Nintendo, Mario Bros. 3 offers an extensive amount of worlds and replay-ability that cannot be matched.

Double Dragon

In a rowdy city of street punks and menaces, it's Jimmy and Billy's job to find the guys that took down their parents by pummelling everyone that stands in your way.

River City Ransom

This isn't your regular beat-em-up. The Grand Theft Auto of its time, conquer the streets and buy weapons to take down the gangs that kidnapped your girl. Play alone or work with a friend to take back the alleys.

Ghosts 'n Goblins

Ghosts 'n Goblin is a side-scrolling platformer that tests your might. This was Dark Souls for NES, where any little hit could mean certain death.

Tecmo Bowl

Just.. don't be that guy that plays as Bo Jackson. It's just not fair. No one should be that fast.


Start off with a basic ship and slowly upgrade it over time to fight off the constant threat. You'll need every power-up to deal with the gnarly bosses.

Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling has you go through waves on enemies on your way to the title. Prove that you are the strongest around.


Test your metal and try to get the best time possible while dodging harsh obstacles and other players on your rise to the top.


No platforming in this one, to the disappointment of every kid who rented it for a weekend. In Yoshi, you will need to rely on your puzzle solving skills to stack enemies into eggs to gobble them up in a row.

Ice Hockey

While it might not be as aggressive as the real thing, you can still expect to kick up some ice and make the goalie work for their paycheck.


Last but not least: Baseball. Who doesn't love baseball? Do you not love baseball? If so: pity.

Available in October

NES Open Tournament Golf

The first sports game to star Mario as part of his quest to push "plumber" further down on his CV.

Super Dodge Ball

Mario isn't the only adventurer who can give sports a try. Those River City rascals decide to take out their aggression with a healthy game of whip-the-ball-at-someone.

Solomon's Key

A labyrinthine puzzle game, collect keys and make your way around monsters to retrieve a magical object that will send the demons packing.

Available in November


Samus' first space caper, descend into a base of space pirates to thwart a mysterious bio-weapon before it's too late. As the longstanding series can attest to, it was probably too late.


In Konami's classic shooter, you zipped through the skies, collecting bells and blasting enemies as bubbly spaceships with Muppet arms.

Mighty Bomb Jack

You gotta feel for ol' Bomb Jack. Last thing I'd expect to have to do in an ancient Egyptian pyramid is defuse a bunch of cherry bombs. And yet here we are.

Available in December

Wario's Woods

Before seeking his own fortune and making micro-game$, Wario spent most of his time terrorizing the people of the Mushroom Kingdom. In Wario's Woods you have to scamper around as Toad, solving puzzles to ensure Wario's bombs don't blow up a... tree.

Adventures of Lolo

Sure, Wario went straight after a life of villainy, but the same cannot be said of Lolo and Lala. Before becoming bosses in Kirby's Dream Land, the two block pushing antagonists-to-be had their own charming quest in this overlooked Nintendo classic.

Ninja Gaiden

The Switch online service is a little light on action games, but come December Ryu Hayabusa will see to that, cutting through with one of the sharpest and hardest games on the NES.

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