How to Catch Regice in a Pokémon GO Raid


The Ice type Titan Pokémon Regice will be formidable due to the fact that it will know the Ground type move, Earthquake. While Ice types are weak against Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel, you’ll want to be careful who you have in your lineup. The Pokémon you want will closely resemble the same group for Regirock and Registeel. Using these Pokémon will help you catch Regice.


How to Catch Regice in a Pokémon GO Raid
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This Fighting type is must have in your lineup against Regice as it will be able to take the damage to stay in the fight for a long time. Counter and Dynamic Punch are the moves you want.


The Fire type Eevee evolution Flareon will be a must to have due to dual Fire type moves. If Regice knows Earthquake you’ll want to be prepared. If not, Fire Spin and Overheat are the must moves to have.


The Fighting type Pokémon is no wimp when it comes to the Legendary Titan Pokémon. Punch them in to submission with Counter and Dynamic Punch.


How to Catch Regice in a Pokémon GO Raid
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The Legendary Fire and Flying type will be able to melt Regice no problem. Since Ho-Oh knows both Fire and Steel type moves. Steel Wing and Fire Blast are perfect to have.


The Legendary Titans are weak to the same group of Pokémon, so having the Fighting and Fire type Blaziken will be a blessing in disguise as you face Regice. Counter and Overheat are the moves you want Blaziken to have.

After defeating Regice, you’ll get the chance to add this Legendary Pokémon to your PokéDex and be one step further in your goal of catching them all.

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