Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Rogue Decks - December 2018

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Over the years, Rogue has gone through a number of changes in Hearthstone. From Oil Rogue and Pirate Rogue to Miracle Rogue and Odd Rogue, the class has rarely had any way to heal and defend itself. That means the decks often revolve around gaining control of the board early and finishing off the opponent quickly, though recently, Kingsbane Rogue has made that not the case. These three top Hearthstone Rastakhan Rogue decks are vastly different ways to play the class, but all are performing well in the current meta.

Kingsbane Rogue – Standard (ToastmonsterHS)

Kingsbane Rogue has been strong ever since the weapon was introduced earlier this year, and Rastakhan’s Rumble has made it ever so slightly stronger with Raiding Party. The card can draw two pirates and a weapon from your deck for just three mana, and that weapon will always be Kingsbane. The deck revolves around buffing up your Kingsbane to insane attack power, before applying Lifesteal with Leeching Poison and healing almost all the way back to full health at the same time as dealing immense damage to your opponent.

Miracle Rogue – Standard (Gyong_HS)

Another deck that only uses one card from Rastakhan’s Rumble; Gral, the Shark. Gral is a literal shark that will eat a minion in your deck and gain its stats. This is one of the only archetypes the card works in, as minions aren’t as important as the spells, which is where the Miracle aspect comes in. You want to set up for a one-turn-kill with your Leeroy Jenkins, Eviscerates and Hench-Clan Thugs, or flood the board with numerous Spiders from Fal’dorei Strider.

Odd Rogue – Wild (ko10rino082)

Again, this final Rogue deck – Wild, this time – only has one new minion from Rastakhan’s Rumble. Snapjaw Shellfighter helps absorb damage from adjacent minions, which is just overall a robust effect. Leeroy Jenkins, Loatheb and Dr. Boom are without a doubt the standout cards here though, as the deck revolves around keeping up the pressure on your opponent with the improved hero power and numerous high-damage cards.

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