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Speed Holster

Warframe Mods are used to enhance things like Weapons and Warframes. You can get them by killing enemies, as a reward for some missions (mainly Excavation, Defence and Survival) or trading them with other players.

If you want some help finding a specific mod, you can use the Codex (you have to write the Mod’s name in the search bar in the Universe section), but if you want to know more about the Speed Holster mod, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we will focus on the Speed Holster, the aura mod that increases weapon holstering and unholstering speed for all players in a squad.

Speed Holster

Warframe Speed Holster

Speed Holster

  • Mod Name – Speed Holster
  • Capacity Drain & Polarity – 7 Naramon (at max Rank)
  • Mod Rank - 5
  • Aura/Stance Indicator – Aura
  • Rarity Uncommon
  • Rank 0: Magazine Capacity: +20%, Cost: -2
  • Rank 1: Magazine Capacity: +40%, Cost: -3
  • Rank 2: Magazine Capacity: +60%, Cost: -4
  • Rank 3: Magazine Capacity: +80%, Cost: -5
  • Rank 4: Magazine Capacity: +100%, Cost: -6
  • Rank 5: Magazine Capacity: +120%, Cost: -7

Important Tips On Speed Holster

  •  A maxed rank will reduce holstering time by 55% because holstering time is calculated by 1/(1+effect)
  • Speed Holster also stacks with Streamlined Form and either Twitch, Soft Hands or Reflex Draw (for a total of +380% holster rate)
  • If four players utilize the Aura, they can achieve a holster rate of +480%
  • If you add a Coaction Drift, you can reach a holster rate of +634,8%

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