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Olympus's Red Gift Box

Picture this: You're running through Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first time, and on your adventures, you come across this mysterious red gift box that just can't be opened no matter what you do.

Olympus's Red Gift Box

How to open Olympus's Red Gift Box

This box, located near the end of Olympus and on top of the levitating platforms that you need to shotlock from, is kind of just there with no purpose of explanation.

If you try to attack it, nothing happens. If you try to find a prompt, jump on it, or do anything, it just doesn't seem to want to open. No matter what you do it can feel hopeless, and some players decide to turn away and come back later, thinking they need to learn a move to unlock it later in the game.

There is a way to unlock it, and it's quite simple. You need to dive attack it, and it will open in no time. To do this, shotlock yourself all the way to the top where the Apex is by holding R1 and pressing the Square button.

Then fall off the platform. This will force Sora to dive down as if parachuting in mid-air. And once you get by the box, you'll be instructed to press X to perform a dive attack

Once destroyed, the box will reveal a treasure chest inside. What item is in the chest, you ask? Well, we won't spoil that for you and will let you discover it for yourself.

Once the box is open, you'll be free to go off and find the other useful items hiding around the world.

Happy exploring!

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