Total War Three Kingdoms How To Start a Private Multiplayer Game

Total War Three Kingdoms Private Multiplayer Game

Total War Three Kingdoms is a massive game centered around a particular faction carving their way through an entire map and standing as the final victory. They can win through military means or by being an ace negotiator. However, the battles in Total War games are massive, epic, and intense when you get down the harsh military tactics of watching every unit you command. One way to test your skills is to do so through a private multiplayer game. Here's how you set up a private game for you and your friend to play.

Total War Three Kingdoms Private Multiplayer Game

Go To The Multiplayer Menu

When you load into the game, you need to make sure you're in the main menu. From here you're going to see the option to take the game into a multiplayer mode. You should find one option underneath the "campaign" and another underneath "battle." You'll want to pick the multiplayer option based on what game you want to play with a friend.

If you do a campaign, you're going to play against a friend with you both picking a faction and playing on the big map together. If you choose to battle, the two of you are going to go head-to-head in a straight fight to see who has the superior tactics. Regardless, setting up the private match works the same way in both menus.

Hosting the Game

When you arrive at the multiplayer screen, you'll see a list of other games going on the Total War Three Kingdoms server. To organize your game, hit the "host" button at the bottom. It should say "host battle" or "host campaign," based on the type of fight you're looking to have. When that pops up, choose the name of the room you'd like to host and make it something your friend is going to recognize. Because the two of you want a private game, you'll also want to add a password to it.

After you've posted the server game, you can wait for your friend to find the name of it in the server list or you invite them through Steam. Open your friend's list and send them an invite, making the process easier. They're still going to need to use the password, though, if you put one up. You'll want to make sure the password was easy to remember so you can quickly tell it to them before they get online.

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