Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Paralogues, Guide to Paralogue Rewards

Fire Emblem Three Houses

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there are optional side missions that players can take part in. These side missions are called Paralogues; which Paralogues you get depend on which characters you have in your class/army. In the game, you play as a professor in a prestige Military school. You need to pick which house you want to teach in, and the house you pick determines what students join your group. You can still recruit students from the other two houses even after you pick one, and you can essentially recruit all other students to join your group.

Most of the Paralogues focuses on specific characters, and if those characters aren’t in your group, then the Paralogues won’t become available to you. A lot of the Paralogues generally center on two characters. However, you would need only to have recruited one of these characters to unlock the Paralogues. For example, I never recruited Raphael in my first playthrough of the game, yet I still unlocked his Paralogue. That’s because Raphael and Ignatz share a Paralogue, and I already recruited Ignatz.

Paralogues are green exclamation marks on your calendar. If you have green exclamation marks on your calendar, that means you still have Paralogues to do. You pick Paralogues on your free day; they can be found on the mission option. Paralogues, which would be marked with the green exclamation, will be available with other missions.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Paralogues, Guide to Paralogue Rewards

There are four different routes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and several Paralogues are exclusive to specific routes. The four routes are Crimson Flower, Azure Moon, Verdant Wind, and Silver Snow. Also, different Paralogues only become available at certain parts of the game. The game is split between a Part One and a Part Two; some Paralogues become available in Part One, while others are available in Part Two. There’s also a time limit with the Paralogues; you need to accomplish them before you reach a certain date.

Here is the list of Paralogues in the game, which characters you need to recruit, and the potential rewards you can earn. The Paralogues are split between which ones are available in Part One, and which ones are available in Part Two. Reminder, even if a Paralogue focuses on more than one character, you only need to have one of those characters to unlock it.

Part 1 –

Paralogue Name: Tales of the Red Canyon

  • Characters Required: Sothis
  • Rewards: Divine Pule Max Increased, Umbral Steel
  • Note: Sothis is a part of the main character from the beginning, so you do not need to recruit her to do her Paralogue.

Paralogue Name: Rumored Nuptials

  • Characters Required: Dorothea and Ingrid
  • Rewards: Luin Hero's Relic, Galatea Pegasus Co Battalion

Paralogue Name: War for the Weak

  • Characters Required: Dedue
  • Rewards: Duscur Heavy Soldiers Battalion
  • Note: Azure Moon Route Only. Completing this Paralogue assures Dedue will return to your group in Part Two.

Paralogue Name: True Chivalry

  • Characters Required: Felix
  • Rewards: Wo Dao, Large Bullion, Aegis Shield, Fraldarius Soldiers Battalion

Paralogue Name: Falling Short of Heaven

  • Characters Required: Ashe and Catherine
  • Rewards: Shoes of the Wind, Critical Ring, Umbral Steel

Paralogue Name: The Forgotten

  • Characters Required: Sylvain
  • Rewards: Lance of Ruin Hero's Relic, Talisman, Gautier Knights Battalion

Paralogue Name: Diving the World

  • Characters Required: Hilda and Cyril
  • Rewards: Freikugel Hero’s Relic, Large Bullion, Hexlock Shield, Goneril Valkyries Battalion

Paralogue Name: Land of the Golden Deer

  • Characters Required: Lorenz
  • Rewards: Thrysus Hero's Relic, Gloucester Knights Battalion

Paralogue Name: Death Toll

  • Characters Required: Raphael and Ignatz
  • Rewards: Extra Large Bullion, Short Axe, Short Spear, Killer Bow, Leicester Mercenaries Battalion, Victor Private Military Battalion

Paralogue Name: Sword and Shield of Seiros

  • Characters Required: Alois and Shamir
  • Rewards: Large Bullion, Seraph Robe, Seiros Archers Battalion

Paralogue Name: Oil and Water

  •  Characters Required: Hanneman and Manuela
  • Rewards: Experience Gem, Rapier, Macuil Evil Repelling Co. Battalion, Indech Sword Fighters Battalion

Paralogue Name: An Ocean View

  • Characters Required: Flayn and Seteth
  • Rewards: Spear of Assal Hero’s Relic, Caduceus Staff Hero’s Relic, Cichol Wyvern Co. Battalion, Cethleann Monks Battalion

Part Two

Paralogue Name: Insurmountable

  • Characters Required: Edelgard
  • Rewards: Holst’s Chosen Battalion
  • Note: Crimson Flower Route Only.

Paralogue Name: Darkness Beneath the Earth

  • Characters Required: Hubert
  • Rewards: Arrow of Indra
  • Note: Crimson Flower Route Only.

Paralogue Name: The Silver Maiden

  • Characters Required: Dimitri
  • Rewards: Blue Lion Knights Battalion
  • Note: Azure Moon Route Only.

Paralogue Name: Weathervanes of Fodlan

  • Characters Required: Annette and Gilbert
  • Rewards: School of Sorcery Soldiers Battalion
  • Note: Azure Moon Route Only.

Paralogue Name: The Sleeping Sand Legend

  • Characters Required: Claude
  • Rewards: Sword of Begalta Hero’s Relic
  • Note: Verdant Wind Route Only.

Paralogue Name: Foreign Land and Sky

  • Characters Required: Bernadetta and Petra
  • Rewards: Varley Archers Battalion, Brigid Hunters Battalion, Brigid Mercenaries Battalion

Paralogue Name: Retribution

  • Characters Required: Ferdinand and Lysithea
  • Rewards: Lance of Zoltan, Shield of Ochain, Aegir Astral Knights Battalion, Ordelia Sorcery Co. Battalion
  • Note: Not Available In Crimson Flower

Paralogue Name: The Face Beneath

  • Characters Required: Caspar and Mercedes
  • Rewards: Rafail Gem, Scythe of Sariel, Church Soldiers Battalion, Bergliez War Group Battalion

Paralogue Name: Legend of the Lake

  • Characters Required: Linhardt and Leonie
  • Rewards: Hevring Prayer Troops Battalion, Sauin Militia Battalion

Paralogue Name: Forgotten Hero

  • Characters Required: Marianne
  • Rewards: Blutgang Hero’s Relic, Edmund Troops Battalion

Paralogue Name: Eternal Guardian

  • Characters Required: Rhea
  • Rewards: Seiros Shield
  • Note: Have a C-Rank Support With Rhea Required.

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