Warframe - How To Get Nidus


Nidus is, for my money, one of the most fun Warframes to play. Equip some max range mods and just let his spindly tentacles do work. He also has a built-in safety feature making him extremely hard to kill. Finally, he looks amazing, in either his default or deluxe skin. If you, too, want to enjoy playing as this fantastic Warframe, this guide will show you how to get him. 

Warframe - How To Get Nidus

To get Nidus' main Blueprint, you will need to complete The Glast Gambit, a story quest you can pick up from Ergo Glast, leader of the Perrin Sequence, at the Perrin Sequence room in any relay. You need to have completed The War Within story questline first. 

In The Glast Gambit, you will be trying to help a colony that is under siege from the Infested, and to do this; you will be running a long con on Nef Anyo in the Index. Just play through the missions, and you will receive the blueprint for Nidus.

After that comes what is, for many players, one of the most painful grinds in the game, to get the Systems, Neuroptics, and Chassis for Nidus, you will need to play the Infested Salvage game mode. This can be found at Oestrus on Eris. 

During this mode, you need to keep three consoles active so that the Lotus can do some hacking. You need to collect Anitserum Charges that are dropped by dead enemies and bring them to Vaporizers located near the terminals. The Vaporizers create a bubble of clear space, and when it grows over the console, the Lotus will be able to access it.

When you are outside of the bubbles, the toxic environment will eat away at your Warframe and can end up killing you, so keep this in mind when choosing which Warframe you want to take to these missions.

I would advise playing these missions solo, as the hacking mechanic will cycle faster if you are on your own, cutting down on the amount of time you need to spend playing these missions.

All the Nidus parts have a 14.29% chance of dropping, so you might need to spend some time grinding this out. I got pretty lucky and had them all drop quite quickly. I also used Rhino and an Ignis Wraith due to the protection of his Iron Skin, and the large damage output of the Wraith. 

Once you have all the components, you will be able to build Nidus in the Foundry, the same as all other Warframes. 

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