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Screenshot via The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

10 classic Pokémon that should get cross-gen evolutions

Let's see the expansion of these Pokémon.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

With the release of every new Pokémon generation, you can expect to be introduced to new monsters. Generally, these are completely new evolution lines, but every now and then, there is an update to an already existing line. For example, Tangela evolving into Tangrowth was not possible for years in the franchise. Here are other Pokémon that we hope eventually will get cross-gen evolutions.

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10 Pokémon that should have cross-generational evolutions


Image via Cartoon Network

Absol is a very popular Dark-type Pokémon that is both rare and powerful. We would love to see it get an evolution line going that is more permanent rather than its Mega Evolution, giving it a new look that can really strike fear in any opponent that gets in its way.


Image via Pokémon Fandom

Dunsparce was introduced in generation two, and this is likely the first time you are hearing about it since then. This Pokémon has largely gone forgotten because it’s a boring Normal-type lizard that lays around. It could desperately use an evolution to give it a reason to be in your party. At the moment, there are more reasons to have a Magikarp.


Image via Pokémon Fandom

Giragarig is a cool Psychic Pokémon that incorporates a cool idea of having a light and dark side to the front and back halves of it. An evolution could take this idea further. If we can’t get something for it to evolve into, a baby version that we can hatch and work into Girafarig would be good as well.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Lucario is another very popular Pokémon, but this one takes it to another step by being included in Super Smash Bros. We have Riolu as its baby form, and it has a Mega Evolution, but a dedicated third stage evolution that takes its Steel and Fighting moves to the next level would be great.


Image via Pokémon Wiki

Since the beginning, Kangaskhan has carried around its baby in its pouch, but never had a baby or in-between evolution. We want to see the in-between stage between the baby and the adult. We don’t think it should necessarily grow into something else.


Image via Cartoon Network

Mawile is a steel and Fairy-type that has a genuinely terrifying Mega Evolution. We want to see how much further this Pokémon could be made into a nightmare machine powerhouse with a dedicated evolution.


Image via Pokémon Wiki

If you played the first-generation games, you likely thought of Pinsir and Scyther as a duo. Since then, however, Scyther received two evolutions while Pinsir only got a Mega Evolution. We would like to see how much creepier and more scary this Bug Pokémon could become.


Image via Pokémon Wiki

Maybe this entry is a cheat, but during the development of the first generation games, Pikachu and Raichu had a third planned evolution named Gorochu. This Pokémon had fangs and a horn. Of course, we later got Pichu in gen two, but we think it is time to bring back Gorochu and stop making Pikachu-like Pokémon.


Screenshot by Gamepur

We mostly want to see a Spiritomb evolution line because we think it is such a weird Pokémon on its own. Whether it’s a previous form or something it would turn into, we don’t really have any ideas, but we’d like to see more from it.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Sudowoodo is a Pokémon known as being a fake tree and not much else. We have its previous form Bonsly, but seeing Sudowoodo turn into an even larger tree, possibly something very tall that it stretches off the screen like Exeggutor’s Alolan form.

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