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5 letter words that end with END – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words that end with END for today's Wordle.

Can’t seem to solve today’s Wordle? You worked out that the last three letters are “END” but you can’t seem to find anything else. It’s not some obscure word because you’ve seen words like this, but nothing is coming to mind. With a word list that contains letters that end with those three letters, you should be able to jog your memory and find the answer.

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Should the word list be insufficient for helping you narrow down the possibilities, there are strategies you can use to maintain your daily streak.

What five letter words end with END?

There are eight common words that end with the letters “END”, which are:

  • Abend
  • Amend
  • Blend
  • Emend
  • Fiend
  • Spend
  • Trend
  • Upend

There are more words than there are tries, which means you won’t be able to test them all. There are tactics you can use to narrow down the possibilities and find the right word.

  • Avoid testing words with duplicate letters. The only one on this list is “Emend”, but knowing the word does or doesn’t have two “E”s doesn’t tell you must information. You must have a good degree of confidence that there are duplicate letters before testing that word.
  • Test words using the first two letters of each word. For example, “Blues” tests a few letters from words such as “Blend”. Test the word and check which letters are correct or incorrect. For example, if you find out there is no “U”, then you can remove “Upend” from the list. If one letter isn’t correct, then the whole word can’t be the correct answer.
  • Look back at your previous attempts and see what words you can get rid of. For example, if you learn that the word has no “T”, then you won’t be able to use “Trend” as an answer. It prevents you from wasting more tries while drawing on knowledge you already have.

It might take some time to narrow down the possibilities, but you should be able to solve today’s Wordle without a problem.

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