The Cultist King | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough | Defeat Deimos

In the previous walkthrough The Cult And The Archon & The Olympian Walkthrough you were able to fulfill the king’s requirement of delivering a champion and playing for Sparta in the Olympics. In this walkthrough The Cultist King in Sparta you will have to reveal the identity of one of the kings who is a member of the Cult of Kosmos. Later you will be assassinating him and face Deimos as a boss in a conquest battle.

The Cultist King Walkthrough

The Cultist King Walkthrough

The quest begins as you talk to Myrinne and heads to the king’s chamber to reveal the identity of the cultist king.

A Bloody Fest

Talk to Myrinne and next, you will see the cutscene where after accusing the kings being cultist. This will appear only if you pick that you had enough proof. You will have to pick from the two choices:

  • Pausanias – If you blame him as the true cultist your proving will depend on your action of sparing Lagos or not. If you had not spared him then you will be tossed out of Sparta for not having evidence. If you spar Lagos then Pausanias will be exiled and you will need to find him and assassinate him. (He is the real cultist).
  • Archidamos – If you pick this king once again you will need enough proof and if you don’t have you and your mother will be thrown out of Sparta.

In our walkthrough we will go with the first one and as we already killed Lagos our next step is to locate and assassinate Pausanias. He is a cultist who is guarded by Level 50 guards. If you use a bow and arrow to kill him, from a distance still the guards will attack you before you confirm kill. You have to fight with them also. After killing the cultist return to Archidamos. He will tell you that if you are true on your decision of taking the cultist you will be called as a Spartan citizen once again. Return to Myrrine and she will share an old memory. Brasidas will tell you about Deimos presence in Pylos. The quest ends after you are done talking.

The Battle of Pylos

Track the quest from the game menu and locate the Spartan office on the beach. In between, you might land into a conquest battle. Kill the enemy captains and you will see in a cutscene Deimos attacking Brasidas. This will trigger a fight where you will be facing Alexios if you are playing as Kassandra and vice versa.

How To Defeat Deimos Boss Fight:

Deimos has a pretty huge health bar, the good thing is that you will face him inside a circle where at the beginning there won’t be any other enemies. Deimos attacks will be very strong and he use a lot of special attacks. Like using a sword and attacking you with a force that will drain your approx 20% of the health. He can summon a red circle and bury his sword in the ground that will release a kind of power shockwave. Stay out of the circle. Deimos will take a small pause after the attack that’s your window to release some combo. But do dodge away as he starts glowing. Maintain a good distance and shoot some arrows till you see a cutscene. You will see Deimos is crushed under a fallen burning tree, you will have two choices here. Both these choices as same results so pick anything.

  • You Made Your Choice: You will stand there and a tree falls on you.
  • Hold On: You will try to help and tree falls on you.

You will be captured by Deimos and there will be a conversation between the siblings. After the long cutscene, fight the soldiers in the prison. Barnabas and Sokrates will help you out of the prison. You will learn about another cultist. The main quest is over here.

The next main quest is We Will Rise, it starts after you are out of the prison. For more similar updates on the game, you can also check our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Wiki guide.