The Road To The Symposium | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

After upgrading the spear in the previous chapter An Old Enemy And A New Ally, in the game menu below From The Shadows you will find two chapters. The Road To the Symposium and The Spear of Leonidas. From the Shadows is the end chapter where you need the highest level to play the quest. We will continue the game with The Road To The Symposium. In this part, Kassandara will be finding out more info about her mother. Track the quest to begin.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Walkthrough Chapter 7

The Road To The Symposium Walkthrough

This chapter has a lot of discussions after you take down a snake dealer, the choices, in the end, will unlock the next chapter.

Welcome To Athens

The objective marker will take you to Attika, where after a cutscene you will have to reach the Pnyx to talk to Herodotos. The place is pretty far away, you will have to talk to Perikles, Father of Democracy. For this second question choose I’m looking for someone, to get info on Kassandra’s mother. After this, you will be able to accept multiple quests in this chapter. You will see three quests A Venomous Encounter, Escape from Athens and Ostracized.

A Venomous Encounter

Visit Metiochos’s Estate and kill the snakes inside. Use arrows and then talk to the guy inside. He is Metiochos and chooses the choice to track down the thugs who attacked him. You will need to investigate the house to get clues. The first clue is the dead body near the tree on the right side of the house if you are coming from the poor market and crosses the dead hanging fish in your path. Climb on the roof and walk towards the end, on the left corner you will see an open area with lots of snakes. Kill the snakes and investigate the dead ones. For the last clue, climb on the top from the place you killed the snake, just before the roof there is a small platform with a table. There are some scrolls on it.

This completes the investigation part of the house. While talking to Pratinos, pick the first choice “Tell me where you got the snakes”. After the next question, you will have two choices Tell me or else, and Don’t protect a criminal. The first one is a tough way to deal with the person, but if you pick second he will tell you about the snake dealer.


Once you reach near the house of the snake dealer watch and move. There will be a lot of snakes in the region, hidden in the vegetation. The snake dealer is a Level 23 enemy. The best approach is to kill the snakes first and then target the dealer. One bite will reduce a huge chunk f your health, two to three bits and you are dead. Use the eagle vision to track down the snakes. You cannot mark them, but you can get their location.

Use some arrow shots to reduce the health of Poisoner, and once he is near you can target him with dual swords. The only time you need to dodge is when he turns red. You cannot block those power attacks. It is going to take time if you are low level the best way to deal with him is having an equal or higher level. Once he is low on health he will use poison dagger. This will eat your health slowly, you have to wait for his attacks. Dodge them and then release a few combos to reduce his health. Go slow and you will be able to kill him. He will drop Poisoner’s Dagger. Return to Metiochos after killing the snake dealer. This completes the quest.

Escape From Athens

You will be helping a friend of Perikles to get out of Athen. When you track the quest to begin you will need to locate Phidias. The objective marker will take you to a building, when you try to enter it in a cutscene you will see a guard is blocking your path. You will get multiple choices here, you can either pay the guard to enter the building or kill him. Once the guards pass away meet Phidias. After the cutscene takes down two Level 15 guards. Go to the Port of Piraeus to meet Phidias. You will have to wait till night to meet him, using the Meditation ability you can run the time fast. The next will be a boat ride, there will be other ships attacking your ship, you can ignore them head towards the next objective marker. The civilian you will meet at the beach will give you a cultist clue.



On the island, you will have to locate Perikles’ contact. You will find him in Bouleuterion of Athens a historical location. After talking to the civilian, go to Logismos Building. Scan the place well with eagle vision to get locations of guards in the region. Almost all of them will be Level 15 guards. You will need to switch the 2 real ostraka for the fake ones. To an extent, it is not possible to avoid all the guards in the building. You will have to take down a few to complete your objective. If you are on a lower level then the guards then killing them in stealth is not possible. But you can target the isolated ones. After replacing the ostraka’s return to Perikles’ contact. In the next cutscene you will meet Sokrates. If you tell him about your stealing then your bounty level will increase.

Perikles’s Symposium

All the above three quests will reward you a massive amount of XP, that will push you to Level 20 or higher. This quest will appear only after completing the above three. You will get access to Perikles’s symposium. This quest has no fighting, it is all about talking and gathering clues.

You will see a cutscene where you will meet Phoibe. She will ask you to change clothes to enter the building. Talk to Herodotos first, he will introduce you to different people in the party. You will have some choices here. After a long talking stuff, you will have to gather clues about the protagonist’s mother. In the cutscene where Herodotos introduces you to the party you will see three characters first a old man he is Sophokles, then two other men who are making fun of this old guy – and a semi-nude guy Alkibiades. You will need to talk to all these people to get clues.

Gather information about your mother


You will see two markers, one on the left that will lead you to Sophokles. Talk to him about clues on Spartan women. He will tell you about Euripides, who does not talk without a drink. Below are the characters and choices to pick to finish this quest. After talking to Herodotos, in the end, choose – You should get going.

Sophokles: He is in the room in your front, follow the left objective marker. While talking to him go with the following choices.

  • I’m looking for clues.
  • So you want to make a scene.
  • Time to liven up the party.

Go towards the lamp on the left, on the table, you will find a quest item Olive Oil. Take it, you will need this while talking to the third person Alkibiades. Talk to the women for sweet wine. Now you have to two items a jar of oil and wine. Go outside and meet the two guys in blue robe. They are the one who was making fun of Sophokles before.

Aristophanes & Euripides: Following are the choices you have to pick to get clues about your mother. You will have to trigger a wine drinking competition between these two guys and feed them till Aristophanes loses. In the end, Euripides will tell you about a physician.

  • I have a name.
  • You should have a drinking competition.
  • Drink Up.
  • Have another drink.
  • Drink another.

Return to Sophokles and pick – Euripides can’t see straight. You will also complete Drink up the quest and earn a massive amount of XP.

Alkibiades: From the exit area take the first door on your left and then take the door in the left end. It will lead you to Alkibiades room. Follow the below choices to gather clue.

  • I am looking for someone.
  • Here’s your oil.
  • I’m only here for information.
  • You must mean the hetaerae.

Aspasia: In the end talk to Sokrates and you will see a women Aspasia enters the party.

  • I did what was necessary.
  • Yes, thank you.
  • I am searching for my mother.

After talking to her talk to Perikles. Just follow the objective marker and you will find him in a balcony. This is just a last talk that has nothing to do with the clues. This is just to finish this chapter. After you are done talking exit the symposium. One more time you will be talking to Phoibe. That’s it the chapter is over. Depending on what you pick in the last option you will unlock the next quest and in the Odyssey menu, you will see more new quest’s. We went with I’m going to Argolis that unlock the next chapter A Prescription for Discovery where you will be meeting a physician.

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