The Wolf And The Snake | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

 The Wolf And The Snake  | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

After learning from the Oracle the identity of Elpenor in the previous chapter Of Visions and Visionaries, in this chapter, you will be assassinating him. You will locate a Serpent’s Lair where these cult members gather and there you will learn about their secret weapon.

The Wolf And The Snake Walkthrough

The Wolf And The Snake Walkthrough

The mission continues from the previous one where you have to find Elepnor and kill him. Take his cloak and mask and locate the cult’s secret location.

The Wolf’s Fate

Return To Elepnor in Phokis

Meet Elepnor, after showing him the helmet of Nikolaos he will pay you. While talking to him you will learn that he already knew about the connection between you and The Wolf. He will ask you what you learn from the Wolf and you will have three choices. They are My birth father might live, My mother is still alive and I’m not telling you. If you pick the middle one then Elpenor will ask you to bring her head.

Investigate Elpenor’s house

After he leaves you will be fighting with two Level 10 guards. Target them one by one, you can run around and use the shockwave ability to throw them off the ground. Just avoid the attacks if the guards turn red. Next, you will have to locate clues in the house. There is an ability that can reveal you all the hidden things around. The ability is Revelation this will reveal all secrets in the radius of 15 meters. If you upgrade this you get a 20-meter radius. Exit the place after getting all the clues and the quest is over.

  • The first clue is on the table on the right of the door. It is Eleponor’s Note.
  • The second clue is a note kept on the table next to the scrolls.
  • For the third one go in the right corner where you can see two cabinets with scrolls. Look at the right one in the middle.

In between, you might play along with another main quest where you have to meet and interrogate the Oracle who will tell you the real identity of Elpenor after which you have to find and assassinate him.

Beware the Snakes

Snakes in the Grass

Once you begin this quest you will have to find Elpenor and assassinate him. The objective marker will lead you to Pharsalos Fort. Scan the place well with the eagle vision to get the location of all the guards around. You will also spot Elpenor’s location. This level can be tough as there are a lot of Level 11 enemies in this area and if you are lower then you have to struggle more. There are two approaches, first, you can play in a stealth type and take down as much as enemies possible. In stealth, if you target an enemy from behind still you cannot kill him in one shot. You have to fight them. But try to target those guards who are alone. Second, you can just ambush which will be a lot tougher.

You can use arrows to target distant one and they will shoot on you back. If you are spotted, the guards will charge towards you. Just in case if Elpenor spots you, he will follow. You can lure him to a place with least or not guard and then kill him. But you have to be somewhere on the roof area to lure him towards you. Or you can shoot an arrow to catch his attention.

Assassinate Elpenor

The one you killed is not the real one, you will learn this was a trap. Just exit the place, and follow the next objective marker. You will also come across a sync point you can activate it for knowing more about the area. You will need to climb up on the mountain, use the Eagle vision to track down the cave where you will find Elpenor. You have to go to the other side of the mountain all the way down where you will see a restricted area and guards blocking the entrance of the cave.

The Wolf And The Snake Walkthrough

You will be facing pretty tough guards, after defeating them enter the cave. You will spot Elepnor standing inside and your fight with him begins. Compare to guards, Elpenor will be tough to beat. He uses a sword, you can lure him out of the cave and then you have more space to fight him. Try to dodge when you see turning him red as he going to unleash some powerful attacks. After you are done killing him there will be a cutscene. Take the disguise and head to the Serpent’s Liar.

The Serpent’s Liar

Talk to Herodots

You will have to gather information on the Cultists. Follow the marker and once you cross the guards follow the other cultist. While talking to a cultist there will be multiple choice discussion that will help you to gather info.

Gather Information on the Cultists

You will see a bar on the top left where you will have to inquire about the cult’s plan. Go near the man standing on the right of the bonfire, you will see a small search icon on his head. The main will ask you to make an offering. Pick a right choice to know further. Turn around and wall towards the right and you will spot another woman whom you can talk with. You will have to share your opinion here about hunting down the Father or Mother. Pick a choice and then walk towards the waterfall, there is a passage between it. On the right corner just after the fire lamp, you will find a letter. Return back to the main area, and walk towards the opposite side. You will find another chamber, inside you will find a cultist who will tell you to torture another cultist.

Place the Fragment of the Artifact

Go to the center area where you see a glowing triangle. Place the artifact and in the next cutscene you will see the second character, if you had selected Kassandra then you will see the leader of the cult Alexios who will try to locate the traitor after finding out that one of the members of this cult is dead. If you play as Alexios then you will see Kassandra. You will be talking to Herodotos.

You will see a new section Cult Of Kosmos, you will have to seek clues across Greece to unveil the true identity of the members and take them down. Check the cultist menu where you will see the members with a mask. You can pick one member and track him down. This completes the quest.

The chapter ends here, you can read our walkthrough in the next chapter An Old Enemy and a New Ally. For more updates on the game, you can also check our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Wiki guide.