Adonis’s Fall Tartaros Vault Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Boulder country.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Adonis’s Fall Tartaros Vault can be an awkward one to get through, so we put together this guide to help you on your way. Most of the obstacles involve trying to use wind jets to push head boulders into the right place, which can take some trial and error. What we can do is show you where you need to send them.

Below, you will find a video and a full text walkthrough of the vault, including the secret chest that contains the Spring Helm armor piece.

The very first obstacle involves knocking down a large wall of bricks, boulders, and iron cubes so that you can get one of the spherical boulders all the way into the back of the area. To this, pull the lever which will activate some short-lived win jets. They will push the ball off the edge, and if you time it right, or get lucky, it will land in the back. From there, a single air jet will push it down another ramp, hopefully landing in the divot below. When you get it, a purple crystal will light up and you can move on to the next section by jumping the gap and riding the newly activated wind tunnel across.

The next one is difficult just because it is hard to see where to send the balls. You want to get them as high as possible up the back, where the red line is shown. Wind jets and the ramp will do the rest of the work for you.

Before you move on to the next section, climb up the back of the obstacle, all the way to the top. Here you will hopefully find some of the spherical boulders, and a divot in the ground. Put one in the divot, and the wind jets will activate when you pull the nearby lever. You can ride the newly activate wind tunnels up to a hidden chest with the Spring Helm in it.

The next obstacle is the last, except for some wind tunnels you will need to fly through. For this one, you need to do three things. Knock down the wall in front of you, knock the crates off the top of the moving pillars, and land a ball in the back so it rolls along the path shown by the red arrows below. Once the crystal has been lit up, jump across and climb along the tops of the moving pillars to a wind tunnel, then follow the row of similar tunnels all the way to the end.