Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Secret Technologies Guide

In Age of Wonders: Planetfall, secret technologies were once considered to be off-limits for extensive use and research. Since the fall of the empire, many new factions hope to stake their claim to greatness by harnessing these secrets technologies. When a game starts, you do not know which secret technologies the other players have chosen. You must discover this as the game plays out if you hope to achieve victory over them.

Secret technologies provide you with unique unlocks that are only available through that specific tech. These include Unit Mods, Operations, Units, and Doomsday weapons.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Secrets Technologies


Psionic based tech from an ancient order known as the Calestians. These Psionically gifted individuals believed that psionic power came from the stars.

  • Can sway enemy soldiers and colonists to your cause
  • Diplomacy bonuses with NPCs
  • Strong morale buffing and damage reflection
  • Uses the Psionic and Thermal damage channels


The Prometheans are planetary exterminators, seeking methods to destroy entire worlds with their PyrX fires.

  • Create weapons of mass destruction
  • Employ powerful incendiary weapons
  • Can settle in inhospitable places
  • Shield units and colonists from Armageddon
  • Uses the Thermal and Kinetic damage channels


Use psionic energy to create gates to other dimensions, summoning monsters from the Abyss.

  • Summon ethereal beings
  • Break the enemy’s minds with psionic attacks
  • Shatter reality to terrorize the populace
  • Uses the Psionic damage channel


Manipulates AI to hack and compromise systems for their gain.

  • Deploy AI daemons in battle
  • Hack and override enemy mechanical units
  • Bolster strategic operations
  • Integrate the populace into the network
  • Uses the Arc and Kinetic damage channels


Warps the laws of physics to teleport matter and energy.

  • Command highly mobile units that can teleport and pass through obstacles
  • Create temporal clones of units
  • Destabilize and decelerate enemies
  • Uses the Arc and Kinetic damage channels


A parasitic based plague can be used to develop super-soldiers and bio-weapons.

  • Spawn and evolve special units after battle
  • Heal and enhance Biological units
  • Deploy infectious bioweapons
  • Uses the Biochemical and Kinetic damage channels

Which secret technology you will choose will depend on your preferred tactics. For anyone looking to win via annihilating your enemies, then Promethean is the way to go. For the diplomatically minded, Celestian is a better fit. It might take a couple of campaigns to become thoroughly knowledgeable about how each secret technology will affect gameplay.