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All Among Us colors, and what your favorite color says about you

Time for your psych eval.

On the surface, Among Us is simple of a game. You might just go about selecting the color of your Crewmate or Impostor, dress them up in a silly costume, and go about your business. However, this is the internet, and we need to overreact to every situation put before us. With that in mind, here are all the colors you can choose in Among Us and what it says about you.

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Every color you can choose in Among Us and what it says about you

There are a total of 18 colors you can choose from in Among Us. Here are some possible character traits you could have if you just have to have that color in each game.

  • Red – You like to be the center of attention and are pretty boastful. You want everything to be about you. You are the protagonist and should be recognized.
  • Blue – You are underappreciated and often overlooked. This may give you a good chance to pull off your killings undisturbed.
  • Green – You lie a lot. Unfortunately, you do it so much that no one believes you anymore, and you often get yourself ejected, even when you tell the truth.
  • Pink – Everyone is always out to get you. They either pick on you or the Impostor is likely hunting you down first to have a laugh.
  • Orange – The absolute wild card. You could not be contributing to completing tasks at all, or you are completely wiping the Crewmates out unnoticed. You are dangerous.
  • Yellow – You try to team up with others often. Strength in numbers is what you say until you make the wrong teammate who happens to be an Impostor.
  • Black – You fall into groups more often than you would like. You might want to be alone, but everywhere you go, there seems to be someone watching you.
  • White – You try to be the hero too often and often fail. You will completely ignore your tasks while trying to find someone to blow the whistle on. In the end, you raise suspicion on yourself.
  • Purple – You blend into the crowd and use this to your advantage. No one suspects you are the Impostor until you drive that knife into their back.
  • Brown – You are out of there at the first sign of danger. People would call you jumpy. Whenever someone walks into a room, you are screaming at them to leave you alone.
  • Cyan – It doesn’t matter what you do; you are always accused of being the Impostor. Whether it’s the way you talk or move, you look guilty all the time.
  • Lime – You are toxic. People generally can only stand a game or two with you before they conveniently have to go pick up their brother from the airport and have to get off.
  • Maroon – You don’t pay attention to your surroundings enough. A kill could happen right in front of you, and you could either walk right past it or not recognize who did it.
  • Rose – You are looking for attention. You are the cuter version of Pink and want everyone to know you are innocent.
  • Banana – You are sly and smart with your words. You know when to give information and when to hold on to it.
  • Gray – Someone already took Black, so this was your second choice. Like that situation, you always arrive too late to see what actually happened and can’t provide anything substantial to the conversation.
  • Tan – You try to blend in with the crowd but often fail. Whether you ran the wrong way or killed a Crewmate right as someone walked into the room, you have pretty lousy luck.
  • Coral – You don’t pay attention well and don’t know what is happening. You might play a game for two minutes before you realize you are the Impostor. You don’t do it on purpose; you just get distracted easily.

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